WordPress or PHP? Choosing between WordPress and programming

WordPress or PHP? Choosing between WordPress and programming

There has always been controversy among internet and web business experts to answer a question: WordPress or PHP? We can use different content management systems and programming languages ​​to build a website according to our needs. But one of the simple but very efficient is to choose ​​between PHP programming language and WordPress content management system. As you know, in today’s world, to grow and succeed in any business, you need to have a website and do your business online.

So those who want to start a website always have the question of what system to create their website with? WordPress or PHP? Dedicate coding or use a content management system? In this article, we are going to define WordPress and PHP. Then let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress and PHP.

WordPress or PHP? Which one should we launch our site with?

As you know, many people today decide to launch a website to introduce and expand their business so as not to lag behind their competitors in the digital world. They know full well how having a website in their field can grow their business. But they have always asked me how do I start a website to start my own internet business? They are usually hesitant to build a site with WordPress or PHP and do not know which of the above two methods to choose to develop their site. To resolve this dilemma, we must first define WordPress and PHP and examine the advantages and disadvantages. Then, depending on the benefits and features, choose which tool to use to build the website.

Note WordPress is a content management system programmed with PHP. By PHP in this article, we mean building a site exclusively with PHP programming language and without using ready-made CMS such as WordPress.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a content management system (CMS) for building a website. Content management systems are web-based tools to design and implement your site without knowing the coding knowledge. WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems; WordPress is written and built with PHP language. WordPress is a free open source site builder that you can install WordPress on a server to own your website in minutes easily.

As we said, WordPress is written in PHP and uses MySQL database to store information. Because WordPress is open-source, if you are familiar with programming knowledge, you can easily create various features and capabilities in your template with HTML and CSS code or by using PHP language to produce various plugins and plugins. WordPress has many free and non-free templates that you can use to design your store website, corporate website, educational website, news website, music website, blog, and more. To learn WordPress, watch the free WordPress course. Some friends reached a monthly income of 10 million tomans with the same period because they practically learned site design.

Advantages of WordPress over PHP

Whenever you use a system used by many people, a lot of feedback is given to the manufacturer of that system due to its use. Today, 40% of the world’s websites are WordPress-based. How much information is sent to the WordPress development team every day about security bugs and problems, and changes needed by the development team? This is precisely a handy statistic for choosing WordPress or PHP.

Cost of launching a site with WordPress or PHP

As we said, WordPress is a free site builder, and you do not need to pay any fees to download and set it up. Still, since the WordPress template is simple without features, you need to buy a template and plugin to design and add more features to your WordPress site. Of course, there are many free templates. But using professional templates gives you more possibilities, and they are much better in terms of UI and UX. There are also many free plugins or plugins. For example, you can use the free Mihan Panel user panel plugin for your user panel.

But you have to pay to use some plugins, which is not too much. You can generally have a site with great features for just a small fee for a site template and plugin, domain, and site host (s).

Easy installation, simplicity and convenience in using WordPress

Installing and running WordPress is very simple and easy, and you can easily install WordPress and launch your site with just a few hours to see and read the free content of the WordPress course without the need to learn programming science. WordPress also has a straightforward environment called admin panel, and it is easy to work with, lovely, and fully customizable. Again in answer to WordPress or PHP, I must say, it’s not just a matter of taste! The convenience of working with the admin panel, high power and security, assortment of templates and plugins are all the most important reasons you should use WordPress. Still, in general, a proprietary system built with PHP also has its advantages.

Continuous updates in WordPress or PHP

One of the great benefits of WordPress is that the WordPress development team constantly updates it. This feature makes it possible to add many features and capabilities to WordPress in each update. These constant updates also increase the security level of your site.

In each update, the development team fixes security bugs and errors, and the updated version of WordPress is provided to WordPress users for free. Big WordPress updates are done about two to three times a year, making users who are stuck between WordPress or PHP and do not know which one to choose, choose WordPress. With WordPress, you can have an up-to-date system with the least amount of bugs. You have.

Build all kinds of websites with WordPress

With WordPress, you can design various websites, including personal or blog websites, educational sites, news sites, photography sites, music sites, job sites, and dozens of other types of sites. There are free and non-free ones that you can use. Some templates are multi-purpose. Like Ahura template, which along with straightforward design and very easy to make changes to the theme, makes you interested in WordPress.

Easy WordPress SEO versus sites with a dedicated system

SEO or search engine optimization is a set of processes that aims to reach the top of the Google search results list. Today, SEO or search engine optimization is one of the most critical concerns of web admins. Fortunately, WordPress has made the SEO process very easy for webmasters due to having many plugins such as Rank Math and Yoast Seo. WordPress sites can also easily connect to Google Webmaster Tools (Google Search Console) and Google Analytics. Through this, you can quickly analyze and analyze sites, which is a factor in improving and optimizing search engines.

Ability to be open source or open source WordPress

You are open-source means that the software allows anyone to edit the software and make changes or add features. So if you are familiar with the science of programming and coding in PHP, you can easily do any personalization on your WordPress site. This feature of WordPress is one of the most important reasons for the popularity of WordPress among site designers.

Your site is responsive

Another good feature of WordPress is that it is responsive or responsive, meaning that your site is displayed correctly in different screenshots and different dimensions. That is, it is displayed correctly on the screen of a smartphone, tablet, laptop, and other devices, depending on its dimensions, and this has a significant impact on SEO.

Put, being responsive means that if you view the site with a large screen, all the elements and layout of your site should be adjusted so that the readability of your website on this screen is excellent and excellent, and vice versa. . This means that if the user of your site uses a small screen such as mobile to view your site, your site will have good readability, in other words, the user on your site will have a good user experience.

Availability of a WordPress expert to apply the changes you need

When you go shopping for a phone, you are told to buy the Samsung brand. One of the reasons for this offer is that Samsung has more after-sales service in the market, and whenever it needs to solve a problem, you can fix it in the shortest possible time. WordPress or PHP? This is no exception to this rule, and I must say that WordPress experts and coders who are familiar with WordPress are much more than the PHP language, and you can apply the changes and problems very quickly.

Disadvantages of WordPress compared to PHP

Like any medicine has its advantages and disadvantages, WordPress is no exception. For example, you may want to have a site with a completely custom template or plugin shared by several people, for example. To solve this problem, I suggest you use a template to use the mentor to make the whole design according to your taste.

Limited development

Another disadvantage of WordPress is its limited development. Does this mean that if you want to add a feature to your site, you have to see if the plugin is available or not? If you do not have the plugin, you will have to pay a programmer to build the plugin you want.

PHP programming language

PHP is a programming language that you can use to develop and design websites, software, and web applications. This empowers the WordPress programming language because PHP is one of the most powerful languages ​​available for site programming, various plugins, and web applications. So you can use this language to design a website. We will look at the pros and cons of PHP later.

What are the advantages of PHP over WordPress?

Since WordPress itself is written in PHP, we can not say that WordPress is better than PHP because, in general, the performance of the two is different, and each has advantages. But in the end, they come up with expected benefits such as high security, ease of operation, and meeting the needs of webmasters.

If you want to build a new business with new features that WordPress can not do, it is better to start learning PHP and design your site. But to date, you can even build a Market Place with WordPress. So your PHP gets to your destination later.

Can be used in web design

The PHP programming language is one of the best dynamic languages, designed in 1994 by Rasmus Lerdorf of Denmark to manage a personal website. This language is used for site server-side programming.

Has an active and large community

One feature that makes PHP programming language popular is the WordPress development and support team. This team is always trying to make this programming language more accessible coding.

Easy to learn ‌‌php

‌‌Php is much easier to learn than other programming languages. Also, the many applications of ‌‌PHP language in the field of web design have caused this programming language to attract the attention of many people.

Disadvantages of PHP

Spend a lot of time designing the site

Usually, building a site with a PHP programming language requires more time than building a site with WordPress. Because this system has to be written from scratch, it takes a long time to make it.

Difficult SEO site

PHP SEO is much harder than WordPress SEO. Because there are plugins to help SEO in WordPress, which, unfortunately, PHP sites do not have, that means you have to customize these sections.


Based on the explanations given in this article and examining the advantages and disadvantages of WordPress and PHP, we concluded that designing a website with WordPress will be much better, more cost-effective, and faster. In general, if you want a more flexible site, more cost-effective, has better SEO, and more security, we recommend using WordPress.

What do you think?