What is digital marketing? 31 Digital Marketing Terms + Books Introduction

What is digital marketing? 31 Digital Marketing Terms + Books Introduction

This article is one of the most comprehensive digital marketing articles because it covers all aspects of digital marketing from concepts to tools and techniques. In one sentence: we want to destroy everything that has formed in our mind and then rebuild it. Digital marketing does not mean online marketing and online marketing is just one part of digital marketing.

What is digital marketing?

Before reading this article, you probably read other articles and answers such as we call any marketing done online and digitally digital marketing, or maybe you have been told the definition of new marketing. However, here I, as an expert in the field of digital marketing, will tell you a completely new and different concept. Since digital marketing is a subset of marketing and marketing is a field of humanities, I must say that there is no single and precise definition for marketing or digital marketing. So, let’s examine its concept and history. First of all, I must say in one sentence: Digital marketing means the use of any kind of digital and electronic tools that are used for marketing purposes. By this definition, we realize that digital marketing is not a new type of marketing and is very old. In fact, digital marketing has been around since radio came into being in 1896, about a century and a half ago. About 10 years later, the radio became publicly available to everyone, and everyone had a radio at work, at home, or even in their pocket. This is where the idea of ​​marketing and advertising comes to marketers. Digital marketing is always based on content, and in addition to marketing, you need to know the content well so that you can become a good digital marketer and meet the needs of the audience. If you want to learn about digital marketing, you can read the content marketing article. So, digital marketing is the use of every digital tool, not just Google and Instagram!

What is the general framework of digital marketing?

Digital marketing is divided into 4 parts, which I will explain to you.

Audience attraction

The first step in the sales funnel is to attract the audience. In digital marketing, you have to work with digital tools to follow your customer. I have introduced digital tools to you before, but here I have to tell you that customer attraction is done in two ways: organic and advertising.


Organically, you make your audience find and follow you, just like when your post goes to Explorer for free, or the audience finds your site by searching for a keyword and enters your site. In this way, your audience is searching.


In the advertising method, you appear in front of the audience and let them decide if you are worth being attracted to. I have explained this method in full before.

Making Interest and comparison

In this section, the audience has seen you, now they have to compare you with others and see which one is better, if, in this way you can entertain the audience or provide a lot of value to them, they will be interested in you. The next step in the context of digital marketing is to persuade the customer to buy.

Digital Marketing and Sale

Now we have to sow the seeds of purchase in the mind of the audience. We have to persuade them to buy from us because of the many differences and values ​​we have created for them. At this stage, if the customer’s first purchase is from you, you should use the horse jumping technique. The technique of jumping over horse obstacles means starting from selling for a small amount to reach higher amounts.

Make the customer loyal

The most important step is customer loyalty. In addition to providing a good product, you need to do a series of techniques to can loyal the customer. For example, if you have a perfume store after the customer buys the perfume, get their phone number from him and ask him” your perfume will expire in a few months?” Record his answer. Call them on the exact date and after talking, ask about their perfume and announce that your new perfume pack is ready, would you like me to send it? This customer is delighted. Thank you and provides an answer. It’s an excellent technic. Then this customer introduces you to another, and he himself becomes a loyal and wonderful customer. In digital marketing, you have to follow all the marketing frameworks, but with digital tools. Make sure you have good CRM software to manage your customers.

Digital marketing is online or offline?

Digital marketing is divided into two categories: offline digital marketing and digital online marketing. Types of marketing based on social media, search engines, and other internet tools are called digital online marketing. However, offline digital marketing refers to any advertising and marketing use of tools such as radio, television, digital billboards, etc.

Types of digital marketing tools

Here I want to focus on internet marketing tools. However, first I have to correct a mindset. Digital marketing is a difficult team process, and you cannot do everything alone. If you want to start a successful internet business, I suggest you take a comprehensive course on the top site.

Website marketing

I have to say to you here that a wise person does not put his eggs in a basket. The reason for this is that there are so many people who think that by clicking on an Instagram page, you no longer need to have a site. It is as if the commander of the army says that with the front line, we no longer need a military base! Website is your main customer base; the only place where everything is in your hands is your website. You can keep the complete information of the audience in it; you can do introverted marketing and make the audience buy from you directly. However, on Instagram or everywhere else, you have to advertise and do extroverted marketing to get the customer interested, then go to the website and buy from you. Digital marketing does not use just one tool. So, be careful to use all its tools.

Search engine optimization or SEO

Here I want to focus on internet marketing tools.
SEO, which stands for Search Engine Optimization, means optimizing your website for search engines like Google and Bing. SEO helps you to increase your site traffic. Google is currently the largest search engine in the world.

SEO tools

SEM and MOZ are tools for search engines by which you can observe that the Internet users who are looking for your services search for what keywords. Maybe you want to analyze your competitors, see what keyword most of their website traffic comes from, or maybe you want to analyze your competitors so that you can do the SEO process well. These tools will increase your progress on the Internet.

Analysis of website data

Analyzing your website data is one of the most important processes that you, as a webmaster, should pay attention to. For example, you may want to know which page of your website is more eye-catching or which page loads faster? Maybe you want to know the flaws of your website. Also, you will know how many people are active on your site right now and what are they doing most of the time? You may want to run a sales campaign and take an A / B test, for example, offer one piece of content in ad A and another type of content in ad B. There should be a tool to show you the test results to determine which test was more successful. In the following, I will introduce you to 2 websites and data analysis tools.

Website analysis tools

Here I introduce an Iranian tool called Matrix for sales campaigns and an external tool called Google Analytics for data analysis and website information.

Google Analytics

One of the most important digital internet marketing tools is Google Analytics, which provides you with very important information such as the user’s shopping path, accurate daily and instant website traffic statistics, and for free. Since we are under sanctions, using these tools is a bit difficult and requires a filter breaker. Another essential thing to use is Google Analytics Test A and B. You may want to design a page in two different ways to see which one the user interacts with the most, so you can use Google Analytics to figure out which page of your site is better.


Suppose you have been designing an advertising campaign for a month and published it on Telegram, Google, Instagram, and other infringing websites, now you need to know which of these channels has received the most channels through your ads until next time. Invest more in it. Matrix is ​​an Iranian data analyst that helps you answer the following questions.
From which channel and source are my audiences attracted?
What has happened to your ad campaign?
How do your users behave on your site or application?

You may be afraid to use Iranian tools, but I can give you the courage that Iranian digital internet marketing tools today are of very high quality and you can use them safely.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is another way of internet marketing. They use tools such as Instagram, Linked In, and… content marketing and attract the audience by publishing entertaining content and using multi-step campaigns. Sales are explosive sales.

Social media ads

Advertising on social networks such as Instagram is divided into two types, advertising done by celebrities and pages, and advertising done by the Instagram platform as a promotion. In Iran, due to sanctions, we are not able to use the Instagram promotion system. Advertising in the form of Instagram promotion is very targeted because Instagram has accurate data that knows exactly to whom someone should display certain content. However, our only way to advertise on social media is to influence effective marketing or extensive advertising. In the method of extensive advertising on Instagram, you have to find public pages, information, etc., and request ads from them, and for a fee, publish your ads both in the story and in the mail.

Influencer marketing

This method of marketing in digital online or internet marketing is very effective if done correctly. If you find influencers in your industry and ask them to promote you, you will most likely find many customers. Let me give you a simple example of the influence of world-renowned influencers and celebrities on products: In an interview, Ronaldo pushes aside Coca-Cola drinks and replaces them with water. By 24 hours, Coca-Cola shares have plummeted. Try to find bloggers in your field, have a great impact on their audience, and ask them to promote your products. Effective marketing does not end there, though, because if you can do the right thing with some content that will get a lot of people to buy your product in your product sales campaign, you have done effective marketing.

Analysis of social network data in digital marketing

Having information and data from content publishing platforms such as Instagram helps you know your audience’s taste and be able to design, produce, and publish their favorite content in advance. Many Iranian tools have been produced for analyzing social networks, the most famous of which is Novin Hub. With Novinhab, you can manage your various social networks through a management panel and receive a very detailed analysis after the content is published. Although a tool like Instagram itself provides useful information in a section called INSIGHT, such as content sharing, input from various Explorer channels and hashtags, year and gender of contacts, etc., if you have multiple social networks that need to be managed Yes, tools like Kavanagh, Sochalio and Novinhahab come in handy.

Digital Content Marketing

Content marketing is everywhere; you are presenting content every day and on every platform or every negotiation, now if you can know how to produce and present content with a great strategy, you will become a content marketer as if 50% of You are gone digital marketing. Content marketing has many tools divided into management, analysis, production, review, etc. For example, you are from Trello to manage the team. Use projects. Content marketing is one of the most challenging and lucrative parts of internet marketing or digital marketing. Remember that customers’ shopping habits have changed, and your customers today need more practical and accurate information than ever before. Before you buy a mobile Teflon, you first watch its review videos carefully and get the sense of after-purchase and use before you buy, this is where you need content marketing. Content can pave the way for trust, growth, and development. The key to selling is in the hands of the right content for you.

Digital or Internet marketing and sale with online chat

Today, whenever you visit any website, you will come across a small chat box that will answer all your questions and satisfy your need for information. Using online chat boxes on websites can increase your chances of selling. Among the chat boxes that I can introduce to you, RatChat, DingChat, Retin, Dialog, and Chatiato are among the most well-known Iranian online chat tools.

Tickets and support

Tickets and support are another important part of a website that will help you in sales. If you want to have a proper marketing chat on your site, I suggest you activate your ticket system because the easiest way to sell to the previous customer. On websites, previous customers are always in touch with the management and support of the sites through a ticket in the user panel. One of the tools that you can use for the ticket section of your site is the Homeland Ticket tool.

Online marketing and ad reporting

If you want to have better SEO and you want to do first-class branding, publishing ad reporting is one of the main things you should do, you should do it through reporting platforms such as Tribune and Tasmino and your content. Publish, one of the features of these platforms is to make available sites that meet your needs and goals in which you can publish your ad, this will help your SEO site a lot due to the use of backlinks. Reporting publishing platforms also provide you with accurate visit statistics.

Someone may want to send your link to another person, and your link is long, and if the link is a Persian page that is already Vavila, all the characters will be confused and can take the audience. Try to use link shortening tools such as bit.ly, goo.gl, and… By doing this, you will make your content look more attractive and engaging.

Participate in sale or affiliate marketing

Another business that emerged after the advent of digital online marketing was digital marketing. The advent of digital internet marketing and digital internet tools of this business also became the internet. By gaining knowledge of digital marketing, internet marketing, and content marketing, people start introducing and selling products that manufacturers cannot sell. This job does not require much money and you can only earn money by having digital marketing and content marketing skills along with a laptop and mobile phone. Usually, your profit from this work should be between 15 to 30% profit.

Exactly when we talk about internet and internet marketing and digital marketing, 100% of Google’s footsteps are open to the story. Google is one of the strongest providers of digital marketing services globally; Google’s advertising system, known as Google Ads, helps us be the first link in Google results in a keyword for a while. These ads are usually displayed with the abbreviation AD to let the user know that these are either SEO or Google results or Google advertising results. One of the most frequently asked questions about this is whether Google ads affect SEO. The answer is no because Google is based on credibility to show the best results, and SEO is the only way web admins have to present their best by fighting for better results. Google Ads is just an advertisement that helps to know your brand.

e-mail marketing

Email Marketing Email marketing is one of the most common internet marketing and digital marketing methods you use to send branding, publish content and sell. In this method, you have to enter the page through SEO marketing and provide a valuable and, of course, irresistible offer to give you information such as phone number, email, etc. Then you can notify the recipient of your discounts, last week’s best articles, and by sending an email. This work in digital marketing makes you always in the mind and subconscious of the audience at the highest possible level. Whenever he needs your services and products, you remember him, and they will definitely come to you before anywhere else. Do not underestimate email marketing. But the new problem we are facing these days is the high price of the dollar, which has a great impact on email marketing systems and makes us have to use SMS marketing, which I suggest if you can pay for email marketing, be sure to do email marketing.

Internet banner advertising

Another tool you should use to attract customers is banner marketing on the Internet. You design an advertising banner and do the banner advertising process through advertising platforms such as Yektant. Your banners are published on popular news sites and magazines such as Zomit, and not only does it help your SEO, it can also help your branding. Usually, the cost of this sample ad is calculated per click or pay per click.

Matched ads in internet marketing

As the name implies, matched advertising in digital marketing means that your banner ad is displayed to the user. The user does not notice much difference between this banner and other parts of the site environment. Google ads are matching ads because your website link is displayed just like any other link. This type of advertising is called matched advertising, which I think is more useful for branding.

Push notification

You may also have received notifications from various mobile or PC applications such as Google Chrome, or you may have entered a site and received a message at the top left with two blocking and accepting options asking you if you want content. If you click the Allow option, you will be notified in a few hours, do not use this type of marketing too much because the user may feel that his privacy has been violated.

Retargeting in digital marketing

This may be new to you! Imagine a customer goes to the payment gateway once but does not buy; for example, you have a shoe store, someone came to your website, liked a shoe and added it to the cart, entered the purchase process but gave up! Now, if you have the power to hook this customer to another site and tempt him to buy from you, how would you feel?

Fortunately, digital marketing and digital marketing have the power to display personalized ads to the user through browser cookies. This means that you may be shopping at Digital right now and give up in the middle of the business for any reason, and go to the Zomit site to do some research. Still, in the dedicated Zomit advertising space, you will see the banner of the same product you stopped buying again. The Iranian platform that can help you in this matter is Yektant and Media Ed platform and foreign models can be referred to Outbrain / Taboola and. It was exciting, so let me explain further.

Introverted and extroverted marketing

In a sentence, any way you try to attract a customer is called extroverted marketing, and anyway, you try to get the customer to be interested in buying from you and come to you is also called introverted marketing or kidnapping marketing. Any banner advertising, Google ads, and marketing are extroverted. Content production and marketing are free through search engines, and Instagram Explorer that draws customers to you is introverted marketing. Generating SEO content is one of the most introverted marketing methods. In this way, you have to generate SEO content, enter the audience into your website, and then persuade the audience in the content to enter other sections of your site, and after gaining his trust, he will go to the product purchase page and buy from you. This method is called introverted marketing.

Digital offline marketing

As mentioned above, digital marketing is divided into online and offline, then the explanation of digital marketing online, it is time for digital offline marketing. In this method, marketing is done using digital tools, but not the Internet.

Digital marketing tools or digital offline marketing

Digital offline marketing includes the same tools with electricity and shows us the contents of audio, video, video, and text with digital components. I will explain this method later.

  • Radio marketing
  • TV marketing
  • Telemarketing or telephone marketing
  • SMS Marketing

Advanced Environmental Marketing

You see thousands of bright billboards in cities every day, and these billboards are lit up with digital kits, and sometimes it can be seen that some of these billboards are spinning. This type of marketing, which upgrades old billboards, is called advanced or upgraded environmental marketing. In this way, you can use digital billboards or electronic sampling. Sampling marketing is the same as marketing with a tester that has become digital. For example, today, when you enter a mobile phone store where you put a sample of your phones to test, this type of marketing is called sampling marketing.

Radio marketing

Radio has always been one of the most powerful digital marketing tools. In radio marketing, a brand may be advertised directly or indirectly. Sometimes the presenter indirectly mentions a product in the middle of his career, and sometimes a commercial message is broadcast. However, radio marketing is also a sub-branch of digital marketing. About 35% of Iranians still use radio, and you should know that radio is still alive in Iran and abroad. In this way, you can sponsor radio programs or do live advertising.

TV marketing

TV marketing is still effective, and you can use digital TV marketing for branding, this method is becoming obsolete every day, but it will always have a specific audience.

Telemarketing or telephone marketing

In my opinion, telemarketing is effective only when the user himself has given us his number. Otherwise, the calls are cold, and in most situations, the phone hangs up. Unauthorized telemarketing can have a detrimental effect on your brand and make you look more like a stubborn brand.

Why should we use digital marketing?

This question may be on your mind, what is the importance of digital marketing? Can’t we also attract and sell audiences through traditional marketing? Yes, and the most important thing you need to do as a business owner and manager is to use all the marketing channels. But since the advent of digital marketing and digital marketing tools, all other marketing activities have revolved around digital marketing strategies, and it is digital marketing that should be taken more seriously than any other type of marketing or marketing. Today, all marketing strategies depend on digital and digital marketing tools or internet marketing, which ultimately increases revenue and profitability. Internet marketing and digital marketing contribute to your popularity and brand, and you can easily create stories and characters for your brand. Digital marketing with its common tools can reduce the distance between the brand and the customer and thus lead to mutual intimacy. The important thing to say is that digital marketing, especially online and internet marketing, will significantly reduce your marketing costs and improve your ROI. From a professional point of view, this job, ie digital marketing, is an opportunity today, and it has created many job trends with suitable and high incomes. You can specialize in any of the sub-fields of this science and earn money from it. For example, you can become a content marketer, a social media expert, a webmaster, or a digital marketer if you want to. Digital marketers have sufficient skills to manage human resources and can work with most digital marketing tools. A person who becomes a digital marketer must have the skills and expertise to design a marketing strategy. Internet marketing helps you to be seen in search engines and earn money through introverted marketing. These were significant and indisputable reasons to understand the importance of digital marketing or digital marketing. Remember that today internet marketing or digital marketing online has become more important due to the expansion of people’s access to the Internet.

Digital Marketing and the Growth Rate of Digital Markets

The transformation in the digital world and the Internet is happening so fast that one can no longer afford a job as big as digital marketing or digital marketing. Since the late 19th century, after the 90s, digital life has become one with people’s livelihoods. And digital marketing is one of the basic and essential needs in the age of technology. If you want to get acquainted with this industry, do not miss the following.

There are many digital marketing career opportunities

Due to the increasing expansion of digital markets, the need for managers of companies, industries, and products for digital marketing or digital marketing is increasing. You can enter the market as a digital marketing manager, content marketer, social media marketer, SEO, and other trends in this science. Get to work. Another wonder of this job is that you can have this job remotely and earn extraordinary income. If you are interested in learning digital marketing, I suggest you take advantage of books in this field.

Top 9 Digital Marketing Books

You can start learning digital marketing from major books in the field. 

Philip Cutler Marketing Management

Philip Cutler’s book on marketing management is the most authoritative reference book in the world and the best reference for the principles and practical marketing techniques that practitioners in this field can use. This book has been translated into more than 20 living languages ​​of the world and is presented in 5 sections and 24 chapters in a way that can be found less in other books. The reception of the book Principles of Marketing written by Philip Cutler and Gary Armstrong has confirmed the need of our country’s scholars for a reference book in the field of marketing. Therefore, despite some limitations, the translator acted as the book of marketing management, one of the most authoritative and comprehensive works in marketing management. This book is written by the contemporary marketing thinker Philip Cutler and is, in fact, a supplement to his book Principles of Marketing.

Marketing Management Philip Cutler Digital Marketing Book
Philip Cutler Marketing Management

Content Marketing

Become a Professional Storyteller by Reading a Content Marketing Book!

In today’s world, where many businesses and activists are trying to compete professionally, the most important and best tool to win this competition is content marketing in the right and accurate style.

Many people have defined marketing to date, and different solutions have been offered to business owners and, of course, brands. But are all these definitions correct? The answer is definitely yes, but the main discussion takes place where access to all this information is impossible.

Content Marketing Digital Book Marketing
Content Marketing

Great enduring idea

This book is a translation of one of the best-selling books in the business world called Made TO Stick by the Heath brothers. In any situation, you have words and ideas, products that you want to design most effectively. This book introduces you to 6 golden keys to excel and sustain your ideas.

Great enduring idea
Great enduring idea


Who leads all these tribes? Although the Internet does amazing things, it can never take the lead in these tribes. It is still up to the individual. People like you who are passionate about something. Anyone who wants to make a difference will have many tools to do so. In this great book, Seth Godin argues that today everyone has the opportunity to create a movement, that is, to bring together a tribe of like-minded people and do amazing things. It is the duty of each of us…

Fourth Generation Marketing

In the fourth generation of marketing, content production and content marketing, all-channel marketing, and social customer relationship management are addressed. In this book, you will learn to recognize the shifts in the power and impact of digital communications in customer circles and turn them into an advantage.

Fourth Generation Marketing Book
Fourth Generation Marketing

Marketing plan for small businesses

Due to lack of resources and limited budgets, many small businesses and startups, especially in the early stages, delay or pay less attention to the marketing process and, at best, consider the activities of the marketing unit to be all advertising, especially in cyberspace. But what is seen in practice, and the author of this book points out based on years of experience, is that having a specific marketing plan in small businesses is more important than large and well-established businesses, and according to the plan and knowing how to work in this field. It directly affects the profitability, survival, and scalability of companies. Ariana Naghlam has previously published several books in startups and small businesses, most of which deal with discussions about customer selection, customer relationship channels, how to get the message across to the customer, and the like. In the meantime, there is a vacancy in the book that deals with these issues from a marketing perspective. It was always seen. To meet this need, the book Small Business Marketing Plan was put on the agenda of Ariana Publishing. Despite some similarities to other Ariana Pen books, this book differs from other books in terms of its style of expression and approach to the subject of marketing. Alan Deep has a straightforward and clear language, and anyone with any level of marketing knowledge can use the book. He has tried to facilitate planning and designing marketing and moving in this direction by providing a one-page and 9-step board.

Marketing plan for small businesses
Marketing plan for small businesses


This book is recommended for those who are one step away from starting a business because it helps them recognize the capabilities and features of their product and make it an essential object by planning.


About Strategic Marketing

Suppose you have never shot one; you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Out of hundreds of Harvard articles, these ten articles have been selected as the most important to help you make the most of marketing in your business and get more attention from your customers.

About Strategic Marketing
About Strategic Marketing

Lean presentation in the style of Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs-style pure presentation is a book that should be read many times and used its tips to become a pure speaker and presenter. Prior to reading the book, it was thought that Steve Jobs was a positively dissatisfied manager and a powerful leader in the operating world who was able to do something competitive and make Apple global.

Lean presentation in the style of Steve Jobs
Lean presentation in the style of Steve Jobs

Digital marketing is an easy way to start a low cost and creative business

SEO or using social networks such as Telegram, Instagram, Aparat, YouTube and… or even a simple blog, you can start your work by developing a strategy and producing and marketing content for free and within 3 to 6 months of your first income Earn.

Quick and easy absorption by digital marketing tools

Another important reason to use digital marketing or digital marketing is that you can quickly fill your sales funnel with the knowledge of digital marketing and internet tools. You can do this using free tools like Instagram, WordPress site, and.

Rapid sales growth with digital marketing

Digital marketing is a very addictive and attractive job because you can activate your potential customers with digital marketing and developing the right content programs, and your income will start quickly.

Digital marketing needs an expert

Due to the high demand for digital machines, beginners and young people today also earn money from this job. You, too, can enter the field with a little skill and develop your skills with experience. But if you are a real expert, you can fill this gap. Try to increase your individual skills because you are entering a battle for the vastness of the Internet, all of which are fighting with each other to gain a better position and gain more customers. Digital marketing requires creativity and peace of mind and patience; sometimes, you have to wait for the next move of your classmate. Sometimes you have to stab, and sometimes you stab. But there are always winning soldiers with high individual skills. Even if you are a manager, you have to wear a military uniform and be on the field in the digital marketing industry.

How to learn other skills with adaptability

In digital marketing, you have no limits to learn, you can start with one of its skills, and after you become the queen of your mind to learn other skills, digital marketing is a powerful and busy industry that you can adapt to the needs of Match the market day and be updated every day. For example, until yesterday, textual content and blogs were popular, and the author of this content, a digital marketer, is an expert in this field. Still, today the market needs to focus on video, so I have to update myself in video marketing to position myself in the market. Do not miss it.

Advancement in the world of digital marketing

The digital world is more up-to-date and up-to-date every day. You have to be up-to-date to become a digital marketer; you have to be a member of digital marketers; you have to study every day to stay in this field. Don’t forget internet resources, especially English internet resources; they can be the best guide in digital marketing.

Mig Mig competitors

Remember Mig Mig? You just have to be more discriminating with the help you render toward other people.

Who is a digital marketer and what are his / her duties?

Digital marketers or digital marketers are people who, with the knowledge of digital marketing and by the budget, time, target audience, overall goal and… to increase the audience’s awareness of your brand until the moment the audience buys, designs plans, and acts as a target. . These people usually have a lot of expertise. Digital marketers identify the best channels by comparing performance indicators or KPIs in each campaign by comparing and considering the results and segregate them to get better results in previous campaigns. In start-ups or digital startups, Digital Mac may take over the management of the various departments. Still, in large organizations, digital maps are separated, and all operate under the digital marketing director of that company. For example, a startup may have a digital marketer, SEO manager, email marketing, social media marketing, and advertising manager, each of which examines its own KPIs. The SEO section examines the amount of organic traffic and improves the results. The email marketing section examines and improves KPIs such as email opening rate, the click-through rate of email links.

Need a lot of money for digital marketing

All digital marketing costs are related to your marketing strategy. If you are going to use digital offline marketing, I have to say that you will incur a lot of costs, and you probably will not get much feedback in the short term. But using digital marketing online will save you money and give you great feedback in the short term. For example, the material cost you have to pay to produce content on social media is almost zero. Click advertising can also bring you an excellent and appropriate result along with branding. For click advertising, you can spend 50 tomans per click and up to several tens of thousands of tomans a day and reach income very quickly.

Is the job demand for digital marketers permanent?

Pay attention to the extent of people’s use of the Internet! According to the latest statistics of Iran, more than 70 million people have access to the Internet, and more than half of this population uses the Internet with their mobile phones. There is no place for needles today. As the Internet speeds up and the import of mobile phones increases, the use of the Internet becomes more common, and the need of employers for Internet marketers and digital marketers who are active in the online sector, especially search engines and social networks, increases every day. To stay in this job forever, you need to increase your knowledge of digital marketing science and reduce the gap between experts in this field. According to Forrester Research, in the past few years, with the growth of the Internet and the establishment of 4G and 5G high-speed Internet in the world, the demand for digital marketing professionals has at least doubled, and in Iran due to the prevalence of the Internet and deprived areas such as rural areas. The demand for digital marketing jobs has increased. Digital marketing has become the forefront of economies, and today establishing social networks and Internet marketing is not an opportunity for companies but a necessity. The increasing growth of digital space has caused us to face the vacancy of digital marketers. The demand for these experts in this field has not decreased, but the recruitment and training of digital marketing or marketing specialists have become vital.

Which branch of digital marketing is most in demand?

  • Content strategist
  • Digital Marketing Manager
  • Specialist in statistics and digital data analysis
  • Content designer to build the brand
  • SEO expert for website optimization for search engines
  • Website design and development
  • E-Commerce Specialist
  • Social media marketer

These are just some of the goal-setting shareware that you can use.

But you should know that in each country, according to the needs and facilities of that country, the required specializations also differ; for example, in a country where mobile is more popular than other digital devices, mobile marketers have more demand. Today, I see high demand for digital marketers in Australia, the Netherlands, Canada, and 3, and in Iran, the demand for digital marketers is growing.

Common terms in digital marketing

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Inbound Marketing
  3. Outbound Marketing
  4. Affiliate Marketing
  5. Content Marketing
  6. Email Marketing
  7. SMS Marketing
  8. Social Media Marketing
  9. Conversion Rate
  10. Conversion Rate Optimization
  11. Pay Per Click (PPC)
  12. Google AdWords (Google ADWORDS)
  13. Remarketing
  14. A / B Testing
  15. Bounce Rate
  16. Click Through Rate (CTR)
  17. Organic Traffic
  18. Paid Traffic
  19. Landing Page
  20. Responsive
  21. User Interface (UI)
  22. User Experience (UX)
  23. Call To Action (CTA)
  24. SEO (Search Engine Optimization – SEO)
  25. Link building
  26. Return On Investment (ROI)
  27. Impression
  28. Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
  29. Domain Authority
  30. Key Performance Index (KPI)
  31. Social Media Optimization (SMO)

If you are interested in digital marketing, by searching for any of the above terms, you will find a world of information in the field of digital marketing and digital marketing.

Finally, I must give a serious warning:

If, after the end of the Corona era, you return to life without learning a new skill, without starting a new online business, and without new knowledge and information; Your problem is not lack of time, you lack personal discipline. I think start training now.

Warren Buffett
What do you think?