How to fix This site can’t be reached error

How to fix This site can’t be reached error

You may encounter a “This site can’t be reached error” when you type a website address in the browser. This error usually appears in the Google Chrome browser. But let’s take a step-by-step look at why this error occurs and how we can fix it as a webmaster or website visitor.

It does not matter if you see this error on your mobile phone, computer, or smart TV. The error fixing method is the same for all devices.

This site can’t be reached error

This site can't be reached error
This site can’t be reached error

The reason for this error in Google Chrome is that you do not have access to the website. Google Chrome suggests checking the website address to fix this error. For example, you may have mistakenly entered mihanwp.com as mihanwp.com. So first, by searching the website’s name in Google search, make sure you entered the correct URL.

Invalid domain entered in chrome.
Invalid domain entered in chrome.

The problem is global or just for you

If you are sure that the website’s domain name in question is typed correctly, it is enough first to check that this problem only exists for your computer or the Internet, or other people; this is precisely the problem. To test this, check your website with another computer and another internet. If, on the other systems, too, the website you are looking for does not load properly, then the problem is from the website that you want to open. But if you encounter a timeout error on this website or any other error, know that the issue of this website is global. Now, according to your circumstances, please read the rest of our article.

The error is only displayed on my computer

If the website loading problem is only for your system and you only receive the “This site can’t be reached error,” then you should check your internet connection and your system DNS cache. Just follow the instruction to clear the DNS cache and do it for your computer or laptop. You can now access the website without any problems.

The problem is still there

If the above problem is not solved, the problem is not your system. Wait 24 hours. The website may have changed its DNS, and you may have to wait for its new server to be detected on your ISP.

And again, this would mean that you have to spend on these processes

If the problem persists, contact your ISP to investigate and resolve the issue. Many times the frequency of the radio networks of your Internet service provider will cause this problem.

Problems with Internet service providers
Problems with Internet service providers

The website does not open with any device or internet

If the website does not open with any device or Internet, the problem is definitely with the website you are trying to open. In this case, you should contact the webmaster to solve the problem of the website.

If you are the webmaster, check the DNS of the domain and the connection of the host server. In many cases, website hosting has a problem, and this problem causes this error.

If you check and solve all the above, the website problem will undoubtedly be solved. Just remember that you must complete each step and then move on to the next solution.


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