Required PHP Modules For WordPress That You Need To Install

WordPress is programmed with PHP language and needs modules to run correctly on PHP. In this article, we will introduce a list of PHP modules required for WordPress.

PHP has been used as an infrastructure for WordPress for many years. PHP, with its development, was able to remain the leader in this competition. PHP provides new features and functions to the user by updating and upgrading. At first glance, some updates may seem minor and straightforward. But it has helped PHP become an evolving and competitive programming language.

Older versions of PHP do not receive security updates. So if a site is based on older versions, it does not have good security. As a result, the PHP Developers Association is constantly updating it to fix security bugs and vulnerabilities. Therefore, using newer versions of PHP will result in better security, speed, and performance. As of mid-2017, WordPress has also officially asked its customers to use PHP 7.2 or higher.

WordPress - PHP
WordPress – PHP

Required PHP Modules For wordpress

Therefore, to set up a server for WordPress quickly and with quality, it is necessary to install new PHP modules so that WordPress also has the best performance. However, to install PHP modules, we first need to know the central server we are using. Then, accordingly, the module used may be different in each case. However, it is recommended to install the following plugins for PHP 7.2 and above:

cmath - usable for mathematical operations
cli - usable by shell scripts
common - One of the main modules of PHP
curl - usable for wordpress applications
dom - can be used in the site map building module
fileinfo - to get uploaded file information in wordpress
filter - to filter user inputs
hash - to hash site information
fpm - to increase the quality and performance of PHP
gd - To work on images and resize images
imagick - If you have not installed the above module, you must install this module to work on images and resize images
iconv - To convert text characters in wordpress
json - Manage wordpress mobile applications and connections
libsodium - For a better understanding of Persian characters and other languages
mysql - wordpress and database connection
openssl - Manage SSL requests
opcache - caching PHP files (as I explained during the acceleration period)
readline - Functions related to commandline
xml - Build sitemaps and XML files
zip - Create and manage zip files by wordpress
gettext - to get translation file information
date - To receive date and time information

Suggested Modules from

Of course, apart from the required modules that we introduced to you above. also introduced a series of modules for PHP. But these modules are compatible with PHP 5.6. Therefore, the use of these modules is not recommended. If you plan to install the required WordPress modules on PHP on your localhost or central server, pay special attention to the above list.

Good luck. 🙂

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