How to Disable WordPress Login Language Switcher

How to Disable WordPress Login Language Switcher

WordPress is a CMS in English but can have several languages. You can also have the language you want when working with WordPress. One of the questions of WordPress friends is that in the new version of WordPress, the language change option has been added. But what to do to disable the WordPress login language switcher? This article will teach you precisely the same thing step by step. You will learn two models of how to disable this option.

Disable WordPress Login Language Switcher

If you are careful, version 5.9 of WordPress can log in with the desired language, which can be done if there is more than one active language for your site. WordPress has considered this feature for teams that are users of the site with different nationalities. Also, if the site is multilingual, its WordPress dashboard will be available in different languages.

After implementing Gutenberg Editor, WordPress intends to be so advanced in this field with new updates that it gradually becomes a page builder and inserts various Gutenberg blocks in the text or information sheet, such as the title of the logo and comments. One of these tools that have just been added to WordPress is the same language selector on the login page, which some people do not need and want to remove.

How to remove the WordPress login language switcher

At first glance, the possibility of changing the language does not pose such a problem. But when we use login extension plugins like MihanPanel, which are used for logging in to WordPress, the two do not give the site a lovely look together.

Sometimes you do not want to make such changes to your login page, and the language change option is extra and cumbersome for you. In this case, the best thing to do is to disable it, which we will examine in the following. Activating the language change option on your site will not be multilingual, but only the login page, reset page and reset your password will be translated, and that’s it.

 There are two ways to disable the change of login page language :

  1. Disable the option to change the WordPress language with the help of plugins
  2. Disable the option to change the login language with the help of coding

The first method is done with the help of plugins. This method is more effective for beginners. First, download the Disable Login Language Switcher plugin from the WordPress repository and activate it after installation. As soon as the plugin is activated, the language change option will be automatically disabled without the need for unique settings.

The second method, which will be more specialized, is as follows: In this method, you must add the following code snippet to your site. In the following, we will describe the steps to do it. First, we enter the file manager section of our hosts in the folder public-html> themes> wp-content. We enter the site template folder. Then we will find the function.php file. Code snippet:

add_filter( 'login_display_language_dropdown', '__return_false');  

Place on the last line of the file that does not interfere with other code.

This code will disable the language change option in the login section. Also, if you ever need to re-enable this option, you can quickly delete this code snippet. A critical point about this code snippet and its execution is that if you have a child theme folder, enter the child template folder and add the function.php code in this path. This will ensure that you will not lose the applied changes, and the second point is to copy a copy of this file before inserting the code. You could recover faster if the wrong time occurred on the line.


Thank you for accompanying me to the end of the Ertano article. As mentioned at the beginning of this article, we looked at how to disable the language change option when logging in to WordPress. In this regard, we have provided two methods with the help of plugins and coding for beginners and professionals. We also mentioned some tips on executing code in your files, and I hope you will achieve the desired result by running this article. What is your experience with disabling the language change option when logging in to WordPress? Let us know.

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