5 Marketing Solutions for Start-up Websites

5 Marketing Solutions for Start-up Websites

Internet advertising is becoming more expensive every day. SEO requires more time, and cyberspace applications such as Instagram and Telegram are constantly changing. All of these can make marketing for your startup or start-up website more difficult over time.

Marketing for startups

 The sad truth is that internet marketing is going to get harder over time. There are huge companies that operate in digital marketing and spend hundreds of millions or, in some cases, billions of tomans. It is interesting to know that most of this money is spent on marketing and sales. According to these companies, the best marketer is the one who can spend the most money on work. In other words, it’s going to get more expensive over time.

Here are five tips to help you improve your marketing process.

Your startup’s attention to the customer

Always put the customer first. If you increase the quality of your work, the number of your customers will undoubtedly increase. As a result, you can increase your income many times over. But if your work is of poor quality, you will not have much financial return, no matter how many customers you have.

Today, because there are so many options, people are a little more strict in making decisions. As a result, if you offer products that are not of high quality, you will not succeed in your work. One way to attract customers is to gather information and talk to potential customers. For example, you can use various tools to prepare a questionnaire and ask their opinions about the products and services you offer and find out what their needs are. After gathering information, modify your products and services and ensure customer satisfaction. This will make your marketing process 10 to 20 times faster.

The best way to market without paying advertising is to build a great product.

Ilan Mask – CEO of Tesla and SpaceX

Comprehensive marketing

It is no longer possible to achieve good results through a marketing channel like in the past. Because the competition in any business is much more than before, in the past, you could only use SEO, advertising, or just social media; Get an acceptable result. But today, you have to use all the marketing channels. The marketing process has become a little more professional than ever, and you can no longer expect each channel alone to be responsive. But combining these channels will allow you to get the result you want.

What is your competitive advantage?

Having a competitive advantage over other businesses will make your brand stand out. Most people try to start an online business in addition to their traditional business. This has intensified the competition. People are also more accustomed to shopping online than ever before. In other words, considering the increase in competition, if you are not different from your competitors; People will not find a reason to choose your brand.

The best way to stand out is to look at competitors’ products. This way, you can compare the quality of your products and the variety of your products with them. If you find that the quality of competitors’ products is better; You should try to increase the quality of your products. By doing this, you can progress and succeed in your work every day.

Targeted advertising

There is a rule in marketing called the number 7. The law states that people must see your brand at least seven times. Because if someone sees your brand seven times, the chances of buying increase. As a result, if you can not bring a brand to your customers’ attention, you may not get the desired result. To do this, you can use retargeting ads to see your brand better.

Get your website up and running

Set up a website and spend time on it. It would help if you had more than the luck to succeed in the affiliate business. There are thousands of sites and blogs today. Google’s goal is not just to rank the best sites; It also cares about the latest and most up-to-date articles. If you do not update your content, your site will rank lower over time. As a result, you should try to do your job better every day. To start a website and internet business, you can take a look at the free site-building course.

The benefits of modern marketing

In modern marketing, the main goal is effective communication and gaining customers’ trust. But in traditional marketing, the goal is only to sell products.


You can inform and inform different people about your brand, even globally and internationally.

Lower costs

People in the field of digital marketing at first glance think that new marketing is not so cheap. But these thoughts are wrong. To better understand this, consider printing a leaflet for each person who views your ad. Naturally, the cost of this amount of leaflets and the people who distributed these ads for people to see is very high. Or, for example, a banner made for a website costs much less than a billboard made in the city.

So naturally, the cost of modern marketing is different from traditional earth-to-sky marketing and is not comparable at all.

Ability to evaluate

One of the important features of modern marketing is that it can be evaluated. This means you can see how many people have viewed your ad and how they reacted after seeing the ad. Is your ad just out of curiosity, or is it appealing to them?

Marketing methods for startups

Your startup marketing has different methods that we have mentioned and briefly explained in the following section.

Internet marketing

Internet marketing has also been promoted since the Internet became widely available and accessible to all people. Internet marketing is a sub-branch of e-commerce that includes information management, public relations, and customer service.

network marketing

Another name for network marketing is Network Marketing, a type of sales method through which companies and companies sell their products without intermediaries and advertising. Customers can market the product after buying from the company or company. And make a profit. The difference between this marketing model and Referral marketing is that marketing subsets will also receive commissions in a pyramid scheme.

This method also has problems. In recent years, many companies in Iran have launched various network marketing methods, and almost all of them have failed. For this reason, public opinion towards this method has become negative. You will also need a license to network marketing.

Viral Marketing

Viral marketing is another type of modern marketing that can give you useful information. We try to get the product or content produced by viral methods among people in this marketing method. Many well-known individuals and brands use this method to increase their popularity, increase sales and attract customers.

Of course, there are other ways to market your startup that naturally cannot be introduced in an article. It may be best to view and read a course or a detailed book for each of these methods. Wishing you all the best for your startup. 🙂

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