How to Make Money Online at Home (Complete Guide)

One of the most attractive and lucrative jobs globally is an online business, earning a very high income. One of the characteristics of this job is that you can start your own business and earn money in any place or situation you are in. This article will explain how to make money at home morally and professionally, start an online business in the shortest possible time, and achieve high incomes. Even from home without using the office!

Internet business roadmap audiences want to sell their goods and products. But they have designed a weak site for this, or they do not have a site. This article is for people who want to start an online business but have poor marketing knowledge. We suggest that you stay with us until the end of this article so that you can start your online business in the best possible way.

How to Make Money Online at Home

To any job through cyberspace such as Instagram, Telegram, and website. Making money is called an online business. You can quickly provide helpful and valuable content through the website or Instagram; Offer your products and services to users to achieve high revenue in a short time.

Starting an online business from home

Many people are afraid to start and start an online business. But they do not know that by having a step-by-step guide and principles, they can quickly and without any difficulty start their own online business and then make a good income over time.

Why Home Internet Business

It is interesting to know that there are no restrictions on starting an online business. With prevalent conditions and even from home, you can start an online business and earn a good income. Here are some key pointers in moving your business online.

  • In an online business, you are the boss of your business, and you have complete control over time.
  • Online work allows you to have several different businesses and manage them only with the help of the Internet.
  • Making money from the Internet has no time or place limit, and you can control things from anywhere.
  • You do not need significant investments, and you can start your own business with a small investment.
  • You do not need a university degree.

It is interesting that right now (in 2022), the Ertano Internet business is managed entirely remotely without an office, and all team members are working remotely.

Do not give up your current job.

People who think of independent business are divided into two categories.

  1. People who are currently engaged in activities and work.
  2. People who are not employed have never been involved in an online business or a specific organization.

It is essential to know that entrepreneurship is not necessarily possible by leaving your current job. That means you do not need to quit your current job. We even suggest you start your own business, and if you succeed, quit your job and focus on the more essential things in your business.

Understand your business model

Always try to design your business model in your mind before creating a new business because the business model is a subset of the business plan. Do not go into the business and operational stages of entrepreneurship until you have a precise business model.

Definition of small business

First, you need to identify some of the basics of your business. You will have to spend a lot of time doing this. Still, you will better understand the small business management and entrepreneurship environment. So do not worry about your time, because it is not lost. Still, you have gained essential information, and your knowledge has increased.

Criteria for measuring business dimensions

You can never set a single benchmark and measure the dimensions of different businesses. It would help if you considered several different criteria and then started measuring the dimensions of the business based on them. Now, in the following section, we have mentioned some essential criteria.

  • Business age
  • Initial investment
  • Number of customers
  • Number of Employees
  • Annual turnover

Create a practical roadmap for the business

First, define and design a general and comprehensive idea of ​​your business. Then you will define your business with it. Next, look for a solution to create value for your target customer. Then find your ideas and goals by considering your customers. Because over time, setting goals will be used for your better progress and performance.

Develop your tactics and, at the same time, try to find new ways to measure your success. With that said, you’re ready to launch your internet business roadmap. So at the first opportunity, invite your team to collaborate and then share your business roadmap with the team members.

Your business roadmap is one of the most essential and essential beginnings of a successful business, which helps organize and ensure your career path.

Necessary skills for site management

Today, people believe that with WordPress and its tools, there is no need for programming to control the management and growth of the website. But you need to have complete knowledge of how and how WordPress works, manage the site, and use this content management system (CMS).

We suggest that you have sufficient knowledge in the following areas.

  • Business, time, and energy management
  • Build a site without programming
  • Turn the site into an online store
  • Generate text, audio, video, and video content
  • RFP design and user experience
  • Improve SEO and increase Google Input
  • Increase site speed
  • Improve site security
  • Solve possible website problems
  • Make The First Profit With Email Marketing
  • Digital marketing and turning visitors into customers
  • Statistics and analysis of user behavior with Google Analytics 
  • Programming knowledge to change different sections of the site
  • PHP programming

Business, time, and energy management

Managing a business is a must-have, and the people in charge of it must be highly motivated. In an online business environment, the long-term success depends on the business manager being fully aware of the definition of the job, knowing their duties, and acquiring all the essential skills.

In this article, we intend to fully and comprehensively address the issue of business management and the duties of a business manager.

Definition of business management

Business management is a process in which different people are organized to achieve specific goals for the business. People who do all of these tasks need to make the most of the organization’s resources.

The business manager must satisfy shareholders, employees, customers, and business owners in a profitable business. It is essential to know that the business owners manage this collection in small and large businesses.

Critical tasks of business managers

Business managers have vital tasks, some of which we will cover below.


Once the goals have been defined, the business manager identifies the responsibilities and divides the tasks by analyzing the people and providing the tools needed. In this part, the business manager provides a good communication model between employees and optimizes how to use business resources.


Business managers need to know what they need to do in the future and what impact these actions will have on their business. Planning is the essential part of business, called the core of business management. Planning is prolonged; for example, the plan is designed for the next few months and years. As a result, it moves toward achieving goals over time.

Cooperation with employees

One of the best assets of a company is its human capital. One of the most important and influential roles in the company’s success can be the manner and function of hiring, interviewing, training, leading, giving energy and motivation, and influencing employees.

Operation control

Have you ever seen the scenes of mobile phone production? Providing a service that meets customers’ needs at a specific time is a vital process for the continuation and development of the business. The operations manager has a task that requires complete mastery of various activities, including productivity analysis, capacity planning, and quality assurance.

Financial review

Growing a business requires buying raw materials, investing, and acquiring property related to money. It is essential to know that the more intelligently a business manager decides and acts in finance and planning, the more valuable and essential the organization. As a result, the course of a business depends mainly on what has been said.


Marketing does not just mean promoting a product or product of your own. Still, in marketing, you must first know the customer and communicate with them to respond to their constantly changing needs and meet them.

Decision making

The decision-making task is the business manager’s responsibility. Because of its importance, it can not be delegated to another person. The business manager must assess the situation every day and consider different options. Then he has to take the best and most correct action and finally make the final decision and implement it.

Here are some of the decisions a business manager makes.

  • budgeting
  • Recruitment or adjustment of staff
  • Assign some responsibilities
  • Short-term, medium-term, and long-term planning

As a result, according to the above, decision-making is one of the most important tasks of a manager. Naturally, what sets a good manager apart from a lousy manager are the career decisions that each person makes.

A few essential tips for novice webmasters

We will outline some strategies for novice managers to grow and succeed in the business they have just started.

  • Implement your work culture in your work environment.
  • Try to change the situation over time with a precise and regular schedule.
  • As a business manager, you need to develop your stress management skills.
  • Try to have self-confidence in your business because a manager who lacks self-confidence cannot influence the necessary and sufficient employees of his company employees.
  • Establish a good relationship with your employees in your business and gain their trust. Try to establish a friendly relationship with your employees in which the privacy and boundaries of the relationship are defined and observed.

A business manager who has just reached this job level acts professionally and intelligently and puts aside rushing in his work. After a while, he will slowly lead the company to the appropriate management style that he has considered. He does.

As a result, a resourceful and professional manager in business is someone who, in addition to mastering management, has learned and mastered a skill called leadership. A manager can lead a business that can generally motivate its employees, examine team conflicts, and find solutions.

Naturally, there are hard days and failures in every job and team. At this time, the manager’s task is to lead his team and employees to more progress and activity by motivating and inviting them to a high and positive spirit.

Five Important Tasks of a Business Manager

Now it’s time to describe the five most important tasks of business managers.

Motivate and motivate employees

One of the most important tasks of a business manager is to motivate the company’s employees. Now we want to address the issue of what motivates employees to perform?

By choosing the right employees in your business, you can experience a healthy and intimate relationship between manager and employee and enjoy it and make your business progress. Of course, because of the bitter experience they have experienced, many managers are afraid in such a relationship that they will be abused because of their intimacy. So if you can have a healthy and intimate relationship with your employees, if you hire the right people with the right conditions and try not to lose them, you can motivate them.

Organize weekly meetings to optimize processes

The reason for holding these meetings is to perform better and perform the internal tasks of the business. For example, suppose you are in charge of producing clothing goods. You need to post them to deliver these products to customers. But customers are not happy with the time the postal package is sent and the time it is delivered. By convening weekly meetings on the subject, you are notifying your employees to agree with each other and reach an acceptable midwife result.

Many corporate executives hold these meetings in their company every week. Still, they do not receive good results and returns because they are unfamiliar with these meetings. For this reason, here are some essential points about weekly meetings.

  • When holding weekly meetings, do not talk too much and do not focus on the main topic.
  • The time allotted for loading a meeting per week should not be more than one hour. Because it makes the team members tired and bored, and in addition to getting out of the main goal, you do not get an acceptable return.
  • The topic or title of the meeting is predetermined. This will ensure that those present at the meeting are prepared to comment on and research the topic before entering the weekly meeting.

Do important and non-urgent tasks.

Successful business executives list essential and urgent tasks for which they have regular and accurate daily, weekly, monthly, and even annual planning. Internet businesses, for example, need to launch new features on their site after a while. Doing so at that moment is not urgent for a profitable business. Still, to outperform its competitors in the market in the long run and increase its profitability, it needs to follow a specific, moral and regular schedule. Take care of this issue.

As a result, try to identify six essential and non-urgent tasks in your business. By writing them down, set a weekly schedule for those tasks, and be sure to update this list as you work.

Focus on one task

Always try to focus on one task and do it in the best possible way. Of course, we all have people around us who are very genius and have great ideas in their minds, but they have never been successful or rich in business. Do you know why? Because these people have never spent their time on a job and are constantly changing their jobs and ideas.

A successful business manager focuses on one task and helps the company and its employees grow and expand daily.

Focus on results

All the activities and planning of a company to achieve a great result are considered profitable. Suppose your employees come to work on time every day and do their work regularly. Still, your sales team does not sell well after a few months and does not have an acceptable business contract. In that case, your team will not do well. Receipt.

A good business manager should define performance metrics in each job field and then ask their team to respond to those metrics every day. By doing this, he can quickly review and evaluate his work team. This has another advantage, which is that if you are not in the company, you can see the performance of your company team through these characteristics and be informed about the work.

Build a site without programming

Building a site without coding is a topic searched extensively on Google to get a website. When it comes to site design, programming activity naturally comes to mind. The question is, is it possible to design a website without the need for programming? Yes, building and designing a site is possible without programming.

In continuing this article, join us to learn all the details about building a site without programming.

How to design a site without programming?

The best way to build and run a site without coding is to use the WordPress content management system, which helps you use code previously created by developers for free.

You can easily install and set up WordPress and learn it with a few clicks. The next step is to select and install a WordPress template. You need to know that the website template is the appearance of a site which is very important. Because when users enter your site, the first thing they pay attention to is the design and the amount of taste they use in your website. A website template is the section and overview of the site visible to all users.

Our suggestion for choosing a WordPress template with years of experience in Internet businesses is the Ahura template.

WordPress Training

 What is the best way to build a site without programming? The answer is a WordPress tutorial. Because you do not need to spend a lot of time and money to learn WordPress, you just need to categorize the content and learn it correctly.

Why use WordPress?

Using WordPress helps you to design your site without the need for coding. WordPress is a well-known and highly secure content management system; Many large companies are built with WordPress.

You may be wondering if using other content management systems can help you build a site without programming. Other systems can help you, but they are not as easy and extensible as WordPress. In most of these systems, you have to pay for a minor task. WordPress with millions of free plugins and templates gives you the ability to add different features to your site in the shortest possible time without paying a single rial.

The most helpful WordPress features

WordPress content management system has essential features, some of which are discussed below.

  • WordPress has always been free and will always be free!
  • WordPress has almost one plugin for everything you can think of that will meet your needs. It lets you grow your website without programming.
  • You need to know that WordPress has plugins and templates to build any site. As a result, you can use this content management system to build various sites, including news sites, companies, and even stores.
  • WordPress is designed to be very user-friendly and flexible, and people who do programming can easily use this system.
  • WordPress is very compatible with Linux servers because it is designed with PHP language.
  • One of the advantages of WordPress is that there are many resources and materials available to learn, learn and fix WordPress bugs.

Turn the site into an online store.

Suppose you want to start an online store. In that case, you must first provide the basics that have the slightest possibility of selling products and goods, so in a ton of the article, join us to tell you how you can turn your company site into a store site and Sell ​​your products to make easy money.

Many people want to maintain their company site, turn it into a store site and meet the needs of their customers. In addition to the WordPress site builder that can create whatever you want without any restrictions, there are other plugins that we will introduce as the most useful ones.

WooCommerce plugin

One of the most popular online store building plugins is WooCommerce, one of the best online store building platforms in the Internet world and, most importantly, has a free installation. You can install it on any WordPress site without paying.

Features of turning a corporate site into a store website

Store sites have more power in online sales. As a result, the company site can not meet the demands and needs of customers. In such cases, you can turn your company site into a store website by maintaining the rank in the Google search engine.

You can even change the design and layout of the site without losing your place in Google. You must know that you will receive high traffic due to the large audience and increased website traffic by changing the company site to a store site. Also, your site will be upgraded and will have significant progress and development.

Inventory of products in stock

It is essential to manage your store warehouse and have complete information about product inventory. You can easily control each of your products and specify the inventory number of each product. For example, with each product’s purchase, its number will be reduced, and you can easily edit your inventory number. (Editing means declaring the number of products low, high or non-existent.)

online payment

Set up online banking portals for your site and enable deposits. This allows you to send your product or product to the customer when they have paid for it. For example, when customers register their purchase, they immediately enter the online payment page of your site and register their payment by depositing the desired amount. The price is entered automatically in online payments, and the user does not interfere in this matter.

Steps to building an online store

To set up an online store, we need to take essential steps and review some of them. Because the online store is directly related to your business and income, it should be given attention. We will review the essential steps for launching an online store in the following. So join us.

Correct product introduction

The first step in setting up an online store is determining how you want to offer your products or what products to sell. Or what conditions do you provide for offering products? So before launching your online store, be sure to have a mindset about your favorite products or goods that you will sell so that you do not run into problems when building a website.

Essential questions to ask yourself.

Do you need to have a separate warehouse for each product?

Have you ever thought about how you would like the product to be delivered to the customer? Or do you have a plan for this at all?

Does your online store offer and sell only one type of product? Or, on how many different goods does it intend to start its activity?

What age group are your customers and audience, and what product most effectively meets their needs?

One of the ways to help you choose the right type of product and make the most profit is to put the products you want to sell on the corporate website before building a store website to be aware of how customers react to that product, whether that product can sell well for your store.

Does the product you want to offer reach a specific population segment, or is it popular?

As a result, you can evaluate and answer the above questions to evaluate your competitors and gain more knowledge. You can also measure sales in your store. So try to know your competitors before entering the field of sales and competitive market.

How to build a store site

Once you know your products, you should design and build your store site. One of the best ways to earn money from the Internet at home is to sell products using a store website. Have you ever seen an unnamed shop that has filled its showcase with products? Do you trust this type of shop? Not, so the same goes for the online store. Be sure to value your job and profession and choose an appropriate name related to your brand and business. Try to choose a name that stays in customers’ minds and is directly related to your business. You can consult your friends and acquaintances to choose the right name and have a unique choice by considering different opinions and tastes.

By answering the following questions, you can start your work after choosing the name of your store.

  • What do you think makes your products more prominent than other products?
  • How do you solve fundamental problems related to your products?
  • Do you have a plan for delivering the product to customers?
  • Are your products valuable and available in an online store?

If you answer these questions patiently and accurately, you can easily set up an online shop.

name for the online store

Once you have introduced your products and services, it is time to register a domain with the appropriate name. As a result, you need to buy a domain to launch your online store. Note that your site’s domain name is the same as the online store’s name that customers enter your site by entering that address in different browsers.

The store’s name should be short to stay in the audience’s minds. To buy a domain, get help from domain registration companies and register a memorable name by analyzing different letters. Be sure to be creative in choosing the domain name of the site.

has bought

Hosting is a space where all the information of your site is located, through which all users can view the site. When choosing a host, you should pay attention to its essential features because it is said that the site’s host is the backbone of your store. Your host should be of high quality to provide services and also provide good technical support so that you do not have trouble loading the site and put all your focus on selling your products.


After launching their online store, many business owners think they have nothing else to do. Still, they are unaware that advertising products are a critical point in the prosperity of your business. So when you activate your online store, you should introduce your products to users.

Advertising is divided into two categories: some people introduce their store by launching advertising campaigns, and some through social networks. In addition, you can use email and inform potential customers about new products and news by sending it. Of course, advertising on Google is also a professional strategy.

If you want to have a successful and extensive store site, you need to pay attention to all the steps of its launch. Our suggestion is to leave the beginning and endpoint of this work in the hands of experts in this profession and put all your focus and activity on selling products.

Generate text, audio, video, and video content

One of the essential services for any website and social network is producing textual content. By producing textual content, business owners can promote their products and make more money.

Generate textual content

The textual content consists of words, sentences, paragraphs, and phrases that make up all the site information. We present the meaning and concept to the audience and create a relationship between the seller and the buyer through this information. If we want to address the importance of textual content, we must say that it is essential in textual content because all the information and details are explained. The content provided is standardized and optimized. In short, content refers to information that conveys a message to site users.

Featured content content

You can quickly increase your income by investing and spending time in content production. You can also create jobs by producing content. On average, people spend only eight seconds reading a story, so textual content must be engaging and valuable to engage the audience in that short amount of time.

How to attract the audience through textual content

When you want to produce textual content, you must first find a suitable topic and title for the audience to be interested in. Otherwise, the site’s users will not follow that content, and your number of visitors will gradually decrease. In producing content, you need to point out the key points that your audience is looking for and try to convince them that this content is what they are looking for.

The introduction is one of the central and most crucial parts of textual content. You can easily attract the audience to the produced content by providing an excellent introduction in less than three seconds. Try to use interesting and new words for the introduction and be creative in producing the text. When you want to write original content, research it in advance, and from the information gathered, choose a great topic and increase your knowledge. Have a primary goal and focus on it; jumping from branch to branch will take you away from your goal. Also, be sure to use a keyword in the content you produce.

Do not use complicated words; try to have your tone because the content you will present shows part of your personality to your audience. When writing content, be sure to consider the audience’s characteristics and the purpose of the content. Finally, adjust and optimize how you write content using SEO standards. The critical thing to note is that at the end of the work, edit the written text and correct the content flaws and rewrite it.

The critical point for content production

Written content alone can not attract the audience and requires observance of the tips and subtleties of the work that we will explain to you in the following.

Use clear structure

One of the characteristics of writing content is that paragraphs are formatted short, such as numbered lists, captions, and headlines that encourage the audience to follow the article to the end. According to surveys and statistics, visitors will enjoy reading your content more if you use framed templates to generate content.

The attractiveness of the content

If you create clear, readable, and concise content, your audience will follow all of the site’s information, and they will undoubtedly be more likely to understand the content.

Use simple content

In addition to the fact that the audience prefers to read fluent and straightforward content, Google also prefers such content. So when writing content, make sure it is readable to your audience. Because complex and bizarre content causes the site’s audience to lose, naturally, the number of visitors decreases, and consequently, your site’s ranking on Google changes.

Produce quality content

  You show your audience that you value and respect them by providing quality content. You can quickly solve your audience’s problems, and this way, you can progress faster.

key words

To produce textual content, we first ask ourselves what the content is about to produce. By answering this question, you can determine the keywords. Keywords should be written repeatedly in the text and then thoroughly explained. This description includes content that users can read to meet their needs and wants.

The use of keywords in the first stage should be according to the type and desire of the user, and then it should be ranked based on SEO. In SEO, how many times have you used keywords in the text? Or, in addition to the main titles,o often have you used keywords in the sub-titles? Do the keywords match the photos and videos you posted on the site?

Categorize topics

For example, you will design a site whose content is about medical content. As a result, you have to categorize the content; that is, we write the diseases of each part of the body separately. For example, kidney disease, cardiovascular disease, gastrointestinal disease, skin disease, neurological disease, etc.

Each of these diseases has sub-branches that are naturally more specific. Categorizingsite’s content can help produce complete, valuable, and popular content and present it to your audience. One of the significant benefits of categorizing content is finding more relevant and better keywords for users’ convenience.

Prioritization of products and goods

You need the information to write textual content. First, you need to identify your main products and gather information. The main products must find their place to introduce the by-products and receive the necessary points.

For example, if you work in men’s clothing, you first need to include pants, shirts, and T-shirts as the top products and provide textual content. In this method, be sure to use audience-friendly keywords so that as soon as the main products are known, go to write textual content about by-products such as socks, hats, belts, etc., and get a special place for them.

Recognize users

You first need to know your users to determine the purpose of the content you are about to deliver. Do you know who the users of your site are? What is their range of sense? And what kind of products do they need the most? You can produce excellent quality content so that your audience will come to your site and see your products. Look for sure that they will easily buy the goods they need from your site.

For example, if you want to sell sports products, you must remember that the people who come to you often to forty will usually be athletes. Sport is made up of different branches, so you should consider different disciplines and, depending on it, categorize the equipment needed for each discipline to collect information from the—textual content with topics such as price, type of product, Size and… produce, and present.

Write clearly

The vagueness of the content text causes the audience to move away from your site. Conversely, the clear and transparent textual content causes the audience to stay and increases site traffic. So when producing textual content, read it many times and follow all the writing rules. Check that the text is not blurred in writing. The audience can also read the text fluently without pausing and, at the same time, be attracted to what you have presented.

A note about the headlines

Headlines are the most essential part of the content text, encouraging the user to read the original text. When writing headlines, attention should be paid to user needs, product type, price, service, main product features, keywords, etc. So you have to pay attention to these points to create headlines so that the titles are attractive enough for each audience.

Produce audio content

Audio content includes information and content transmitted to the audience through voice. Audio content is valuable for conveying stories, culture, experiences, opinions, and… to potential customers.

Define audio content

Audio content includes audio entertainment such as podcasts, audiobooks, and even AI. Audio content can be played through computer speakers, headphones, smart speakers, etc.


The podcast contains an audio file shared on social networks or websites for visitors. Today, the audience’s interest in audio content has increased. So naturally, its importance in online commerce can not be ignored. Producing audio content effectively improves the user experience and is an excellent way to communicate with users.

How to produce audio content?

There are three ways you can produce audio content. One way to produce audio content is by recording the authentic voice of humans. The production of audio content can also be modified by detecting voice commands through intelligent speakers or devices that record audio. Another way is that you can produce audio content through natural language processing by using written text and converting it to spoken text.

Audio content production training

First, you need to know how to record, mix and edit audio. We want to teach you how to produce podcasts, music, and videos in the following. So join us.

It is better to use advanced audio equipment to produce accurate content to produce quality sound. You need to learn how to edit and combine audio professionally. Do not forget the equipment and know what tools and equipment should be used to produce audio content. When editing audio content, remove any extra noise such as background noise and echoes in the environment, or reduce it otherwise. Also, using free editing tools will improve your voice. To produce audio content, we need to be familiar with sound engineering concepts such as standardization, compression, phase cancellation, selecting the right microphone, etc.

In addition to the above, producing good audio content requires a first-rate speaker. The speaker’s voice should be such that it positively affects the audience and stimulates their emotions. One of the factors influencing the audience is the production of quality audio content that requires appropriate equipment. As a result, if you provide the quality text but the speaker’s voice is poor or not of high quality, it will have no effect on the audience, and your efforts will be practically wasted. It is interesting to know that the place where you record your audio content has a significant impact on the quality of your work. So the place or environment where you record your audio content should be free of any noise. Make sure they are safe before using the recording equipment.

Cost of producing audio content

If you’re looking to produce an audio file for the first time, you probably wonder what the cost of audio content is. Naturally, the salaries of professional voices, writers, translators, sound designers, music producers, etc., vary and cover many of the costs. In addition, the purchase of equipment needed to produce audio content is another cost that is added to the project. The cost of producing audio content is affected by the audio file’s amount of time and the number of words spoken.

Types of audio content

There are many audio content types, not just podcasts or videos. Examples: include producing an audiobook, producing a podcast, motion graphics related to narration, converting textual content, including lectures or educational content, welcoming audio messages, and converting poetry to audio.

Applications of audio content production

  • You can bring audio content to your audience by producing audio content in various applications.
  • You can provide audio training in various fields and publish it for the audience.
  • Another application of audio content is that you can get SEO by publishing it on various sites.
  • You can easily prepare the text of your speeches as audio content and publish it.
  • You can play your audio content on the speakers of the exhibitions.
  • After producing audio content, you can send it to mobile phones via telecommunications.
  • Prepare books by audio and present them on various sites.
  • Prepare audio content and publish it on social and virtual networks.

Why should we produce audio content?

  • Audio content is one of the cheapest advertising methods, and its production is a meager cost.
  • Using audio content has a positive effect on your SEO.
  • You can create branding for yourself by producing audio content.
  • You create a great user experience for your audience by producing audio content and increasing your audience satisfaction.
  • One of the audio content features is its small volume compared to video content.
  • Audio content slows down less than video content.
  • You can attract blind users to your site by providing audio content, a golden opportunity for such people.
  • Another feature of audio content is that it can be listened to while driving, behind the traffic, and during daily activities.
  • Audio content keeps your brand name in the minds of your audience.
  • You can increase the ranking of your site by publishing audio content.

The effects of audio content on SEO

Interestingly, Google intends to produce a voice SEO product, which is very important in digital marketing. The production of audio content, like video content, has a separate score for SEO, and you can get good SEO from Google by producing audio content on your site. You also make a significant contribution to Google’s audio content by making your website audio and publishing the audio file of the same page at the top of it.

Essential points for producing podcasts

If you want your audience to be committed to the audio content you provide, you need to choose compelling and meaningful content for your podcast. for example:

  • Talk about the things you’re interested in on the podcast.
  • Focus on your target audience.
  • Avoid telling long and long stories.
  • Help your audience and users take the next step.
  • Ask your questions to the listeners and post comments and answers on your site.
  • Do not deviate from your main goal and path and focus all your attention on the main path.
  • Be sure to check your content and get help from experts and professionals in this direction.
  • Do an audio interview, which of course, requires a great voice.
  • One of the critical points in producing a podcast is to be realistic and not artificial.

The cost of producing a podcast

The cost of producing a podcast depends on the minutes done and the number of words spoken. Other factors such as the quality of the podcast, the Size of the file produced, the type of podcast subject, and است are influential.

Time required to produce a podcast

If you are a beginner podcast producer and want to create your own podcast, your costs will vary depending on the equipment you need to buy or the equipment you have. If this equipment is unavailable, you can ask the significant audio content companies for help and order content from them. This will make it easier to buy equipment for your initial projects.

Generate video content

You can easily convey different messages to your target audience in the video because you have images. The human mind processes images more efficiently than text, so most businesses produce video content.

Types of video content

There are many types of video content production. Here are some examples of video content.

Promotional videos

Descriptive sentences are more commonly used in promotional videos. They use promotional videos when the company or store site managers decide to introduce their services, goods, and products to the audience.

Instructional videos

If a company or store site adds a new product to its products, it must provide information about that product to customers. In such cases, it is necessary to produce educational videos. Training videos should be short, explaining how to work with the product to the audience. Basically, in instructional videos, a person uses a new product step by step and teaches how to work with it.

Speech videos

Production of speech videos is for when site owners and companies want to communicate directly and intimately with their target audience and customers. As a result, they prepare their speeches in a video and upload them to the website.

Scientific videos

The primary purpose of producing scientific videos is to describe an article orally. Scientific videos, such as a product or research article, are provided to users.

Video content

There are different types of video content production, such as video content, which include: video, infographic, screenshot, slide, etc., which we intend to explain in the following. So stay tuned.

Photo and image

In the production of textual content, one of the most important things is the use of beautiful images. The selected images must be compatible with the text and have a high quality to be used in the text. According to studies, photos with these features, the more the audience is attracted to them and more inclined to read the site’s content. As a result, the number of site visitors increases.


One of the most influential things about a website is the use of videos that have good textual content. This is known as an essential marketing strategy. By presenting a video of your products, you can attract more audiences to the services and goods of the store. About one million people use YouTube every day to watch videos.

Types of videos

There are different types of videos. We will mention some of them below.

  • Expert
  • Event Video
  • Brand Video
  • Video Demo
  • Explainer Video

Each of these videos has its own application and promotes the growth of different businesses.


You can use infographics, which are very important in textual content, to produce visual content. According to infographic polls, it is the best option for showing complex information and statistics. Users can receive and remember the message provided through the infographic quickly.

Infographics, an integral part of content marketing

Because it provides complex information and concepts to the audience simply and straightforwardly. The infographic has a beautiful design that is associated with creativity. An infographic can show the result you want when the advertising aspect is low and the focus is on showing the brand.


During lectures and meetings, information was provided to the audience in minutes. But today, with the advancement of technology, it is possible to use slides to show all the desired content and items to the whole world. If the slides are high quality, they can provide information in the shortest possible time without any problems and easily communicate with their audience.

In slides, like infographics, design and colors have the most significant impact on performance, which is people’s primary focus. The slide design’s color and model attract the audience and make them read the content more patiently.


If we want to refer to another tool of video content production, it is a screenshot. This tool can be used in annotations so that users can be guided more easily and can easily understand the concepts.

User experience Design

In fact, the user experience is the value you give to your users when they buy your products and goods. The prosperity and development of a user experience at the level and Size of customer satisfaction is not the responsibility of a team or an individual but the company’s vision.

What are the benefits of user experience?

The first advantage of user experience design is that it increases product sales. Apart from all the good benefits that the user experience can have, you can use it to make detailed plans for the sale of your products or make optimal use of user feedback. Now the question arises why the user experience is used? Because it increases customer satisfaction and increases sales. But we will experience these benefits when the user experience goals are achieved.

When the user understands the product or service provided, the leading organization’s primary goal is to improve the user experience. If the customer’s primary goal is to receive and obtain information, the organization’s job is to provide quality and data-driven information to the customer. Gaining and increasing customer satisfaction will equal customer guarantee and trust for a long time.

The importance of user experience

User experience design makes the product stand out and promoted. It also makes your services and goods a crucial part of growing and building customer trust. It is interesting to note that a great product or persuasive content, even without user experience, may affect the ability of a business owner to achieve their goals.

Step-by-step steps of user experience design

To get a good user experience, you have to go through many steps, which we will examine.


The strategy represents the goals, brand, and long-term vision of an organization or business. The strategy can measure the success of a project and essential issues.


This step is different for each organization or project. Because it depends on how complex or straightforward the projects are. Naturally, complex projects require more significant research activities of users and competitors. But websites and small organizations give up many research activities and consider only a small survey.


The primary purpose of the analysis is to obtain the data collected during the research. Researchers are trying to help user experience designers by organizing and drawing conclusions from what they can do.


The primary purpose of the design phase is to present and show ideas to users, which then correct the problems and repeat the idea. Basic ideas can be represented by paper samples or interactive templates created in low-fidelity form.


During the production phase, a high-quality design is designed to create digital parts that are confirmed through high-fidelity version testing sessions of the product. A user experience designer solves more problems, researches customers, and reviews research as needed. It also compares the feedback and performance of other users and ultimately implements new ideas.

Techniques and principles of user experience

There are different techniques for using a project, but in this article, we will point out a few of them that you can follow to get started quickly. Of course, it’s up to you to choose between all these variations in user experience techniques and gain the necessary skills.

submit information

You should use notes and information when you want to research. The main goals of this research are to understand the tasks, events, and challenges that users face.

Persona design

We have to use persona when we want to do analysis. If we want to define a query, we have to say that it is a hypothetical identity that reflects user groups.

Scenario writing

Again, we have to use scenarios when we want to analyze. The script is actually a narrative of your characters in a day. Scenarios usually ask questions such as: what, when, and where do our definitions cover?

Making wafers

We have to use wafers when we want to design. The wireframe is for combining a website or application that acts like a non-graphical guide. Wiferim consists of fixed images or designs that simulate the product used. It actually shows how a person will use the product in practice.


We must use the usability test when we want to analyze, research, design, and build. Usability testing means observing people trying to perform predefined tasks using your product. In these sessions, they are likely to approve design decisions or address issues such as why users are behaving in this way. Indeed the analysis of this training and learning will affect the sales of future products.

Finally, a professional user experience can only be provided by following a continuously repeated design process. In this way, you can retain your users and attract new people to you in this competitive environment.

Improve SEO and increase Google Input

SEO means site optimization for search engines that requires a continuous process. SEO is better done by experts in this field. Because it’s easy to think about increasing site traffic. You have definitely implemented the best method and strategy to develop and advance your goals by SEO site.

What by SEO site is the importance of SEO?

As mentioned above, SEO makes every business visible and global and makes it possible. Just launching a website is not enough to make any site famous and popular in any field of business; Rather, every business needs SEO. Finally, by ranking by SEO, the site can have something to say and be seen in front of its audience and customers. Also, globalize your brand over time.

Do we need SEO?

You will earn money by increasing your site visitors through SEO and persuading them. Google has set criteria for your pages that you need to improve SEO. Simply put, Google bots have metrics to improve the user experience that you can follow to meet these criteria. SEO and site optimization requires solid and ongoing support that should not be interrupted. One of the most important aspects of SEO is producing specific and unique content that users like.

Steps of SEO

There are many ways to get a website up and running, some of them with the wrong techniques, called black hat techniques. You need to know that websites that use these methods will get good results for a short time, but after finding out about it, search engines will definitely be penalized. Then join us to talk about SEO techniques.

Technical SEO

Technical SEO optimizes the site and increases the speed of the website. Website design is also in this category.

In-page SEO

On-page SEO, or so-called in-page SEO, is one of those services that focus on the site’s internal content and links. Everything you do on the site or the changes you make to your website can affect your SEO. In fact, SEO is the basis of your work, and for this reason, we suggest that you pay close attention to this step and do all the steps in the best possible way before off-page SEO.

Several site optimization techniques

  • Use TXT
  • Rename files
  • One-way links
  • key words
  • Increase external links
  • The site and content optimization
  • Use META tags
  • Use the AIT tag

 Important factors in SEO

We divide the factors that cause SEO success into three categories that can positively affect the site’s ranking. Technical SEO causes standardization of site coding, observance of SEO principles in site design, optimization and site speed, etc. Internal SEO will also help identify keywords, analyze competitors, and create valuable, user-friendly content. Finally, we must say that external SEO causes activity in social and virtual networks and creates specialized forms and backlinks.

Content and visitors

If you can not persuade your visitors to stay on the site, you will surely fail in your business and SEO. Visitors who are not interested in staying on your site will reduce the retention rate of users on the site, which will cause significant damage to your business. When users come to your site, and something attractive does not attract their attention, it is natural that they leave the site and no longer follow it, and as a result, the number of pages viewed by users is significantly reduced. So we conclude that the site’s content is significant, and it is necessary to pay a lot of attention to it.

Now, why do we insist that content is so important? Simply put, the essence of SEO is content. Everything is created by producing and presenting appropriate and excellent content. Think you’ve entered a site where no content has been uploaded; what do you do? What good is a website if it simply “blends in” with everything else? SEO is entirely useless if your site does not have the right content. The content on your site will be directly related to essential SEO factors.

Generate content for your audience, not Google

You need to know that the content that you produce and SEO and put on the site is different from the content that you provide to your audience. This means that the content you produce should be relevant to your site’s audience and visitors. To generate content for your website audience, not Google! Do not worry too much about what Google thinks about the content produced. Google pays close attention to sites that care about its visitors and users. As a result, Google will understand if your content is user-friendly.

Long content

Try to increase the length of your articles because Google considers content to be complete and readable when the length and number of words in that article are too helpful. These days, bloggers compete for the length of the content of the articles they produce. We assure you that if your article is over 3,000 words long, Google will rank your site well.

Pay attention to user needs.

Your content should be understandable to the user and meet their needs. Try to pay attention to the keywords that your users are searching for. To get traffic to your site through generated content and business content, you need to pay attention to your audience’s needs. Before you start and type an article, first look for the keywords that users are focusing on, then find the titles that your audience has searched for the most and use them to help you write your article.

Update old content

Google cares about your site when the content it generates is constantly updated. So for this purpose, always try to update and keep your content fresh. Get started now and go for your old articles and update them; then, you will realize their effect on improving your SEO and ranking in Google search results.

Copying content is prohibited.

Strictly avoid copying the content of articles from other sites and placing it on your site. Doing this will not help the site develop, but you will do a lot of damage to it. Because Google recognizes this perfectly, copying other people’s content is just a waste of your time.

A site that uses duplicate content has no place among its users and can not get good results. Users will quickly understand the difference between valuable and worthless content, and if your site has worthless content, it will prevent other users from going to it. So we conclude that the essence of everything on the site is the content, and it is also essential for improving SEO.

Giving links to reputable sources

By linking to credible sources, the importance of your article increases. You know that your article is related to reputable sites by linking to Google. Conversely, you diminish the importance of your article by linking it to worthless resources. So try to link to well-known reference sites in your article.

Ignore the number of backlinks

We do not mean that backlinks are not necessary, but some people think that the number of backlinks they see in Alexa is significant. But you should know that this mindset is very wrong. So never prefer quantity to quality. High-value, high-value sites to get backlinks.

Creating social networks

Not using social networks is the most significant SEO mistake. Because people have a colorful presence on social networks and creating an account can significantly improve SEO. It will also increase the value of your site, and Google will open another account on your site. Of course, this takes time, and if you work on social media regularly, you will see the effects over time.

Interact with users

Try to bring users back to your site in different ways. For example, notify your users via email whenever you post an article on your site. There are other methods, such as informing via telegram, that you can encourage your users to revisit your site by holding a contest or poll. There are different ways to get users back to the site; you just need to be a little creative.

Good hosts

To make your site available to users, you need a quality host that is always available. So hosting will significantly impact the speed and improvement of SEO.

Site speed

For your site to be on the first pages of Google search, excellent speed. Even if your site is WordPress, many plugins will speed up your site.


SEO means the constant cycle of the site. SEO is a long process that must go through its natural process over time. SEO sustainability is essential. Some site owners give up SEO after reaching their ideal position, which is wrong. SEO should continue its process as it passes. Your site should consistently rank well in search results because your competitors try to change their search results.

be patient

Patience at work helps a lot in development and better performance. Many people make this big mistake and are constantly in a hurry. SEO is one of the methods with low efficiency and needs more time to see the result. Conversely, site ads can be very effective. If you invest in long-term SEO, you will have to wait months or a year to see the actual result.

What are the effects of social media advertising on SEO?

The most important social networks are Google Plus, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. SEO and social networks are both complementary to each other. Social networks have a significant impact on SEO. Social media directly increases site traffic and inbound traffic from Google and other search engines.

Keyword optimization techniques

  • Use keywords inside the text.
  • Use keywords in the title of the pages.
  • Use keywords in the page URL.
  • Using keywords in link building is very good.

How to choose the right keywords?

The number of keywords used in the article should not exceed the allowable limit because Google is newly penalizing sites with too many keywords. So keywords either value or penalize your site, and it’s entirely up to you how to use the keywords.

Why the site page is removed from Google

It may have happened to you that the site page was suddenly removed when you were activating or visiting your site. What do you think is the reason? The first reason for this is external links on your site. Naturally, the number of links that lead to your site will increase over time, and this will cause Google to suspect the site and assume that you have purchased the links.

The second reason is the production of poor quality content. There are still sites that use complex and bizarre content. Or they write vague content that is not understandable to the audience and provide concise texts. In addition to the cases mentioned, some of them are misspelled and do not follow the grammatical points in their content, which Google recognizes as poor quality content and quickly clears the site from search results.

Produce content relevant to your field of work and adhere to SEO principles wholly and accurately. Doing so will increase your site traffic over time, and you will get to know your competitors better.

Increase site speed

According to statistics and polls, a one-second delay in posting on the site page can reduce product sales by seven percent and reduce page views by eleven percent. It also reduces customer satisfaction by 16%. So if the level of customer satisfaction and visits to the site is essential to you, you need to pay close attention to the speed of uploading the posts and articles you publish. You can also influence the SEO of your site by increasing the speed of your site. Because site speed is essential for Google.

Check site speed

Cash means that when you enter the site, the browser tries to save the sections you have visited and then shows it to you faster. For this reason, you do not realize the actual speed of the website. We want to discuss what to do if you encounter a slow site speed in the following.

Several practical tools to increase site speed

This section introduces you to several software to increase the site’s speed. So join us.


One of the most widely used and popular speed testing tools is Gtmetrix.


This tool is used to provide solutions to improve the site’s speed.

Image optimization

The site’s page size helps load the website quickly, and uploading images has a vital role in increasing the page volume. When using images, try not to make the selected image more significant than the required Size. If you want to work in graphics, use the PNG and JPG formats for natural images. Also, compress images before publishing them on the site with tools such as Photoshop or Imager.

Cache plugin

By installing the cache plugin on your site, you can save some fixed page information such as images and files and… in the user’s system memory the first time the user enters the site and then when the user enters the page for the second time. It can no longer go through the first step, and this information is received from the cache plugin.

Use the suitable template.

Using inappropriate templates will slow down the site. So use templates with a light and simple design and do not have useless movements and animations.

Use the right plugins.

If you are using a content management system or WordPress for your site, pay attention to the speed of the plugins because some plugins have poor coding and run slowly, thus slowing down the site. Our suggestion is to remove this plugin model and replace the more suitable plugins on your site.

What causes the site to slow down?

Many things will slow down the site, but we will mention the most important ones below. For example, hosting reduces the site’s loading speed if it is not in good condition and is not configured correctly. We said above that if the cache tool is not installed on your site, it will put a lot of pressure on the site resources, and you will face a plodding speed in traffic. Also, if you do not optimize and compress the images, your site will slow down.

Site security

You need to protect your site from all kinds of hackers and malware. You do not need to do complicated tasks to increase or increase the security of your site. We will tell you a few simple tricks for improving the security of your site.

Software updates

To keep your site secure, you need to update all operating systems or tools installed. Hackers can easily infiltrate software and detect its technical flaws. As a result, you can prevent hackers from infiltrating your site by updating your software and operating system.

Have a strong password

You can increase the security of your site by having a solid password. Hackers use sophisticated software to find a site’s password. To deal with these hackers, you need to set your password in at least eight to ten different letters (uppercase, lowercase, numbers, and unique letters such as #, @, and…). We suggest that you use all of these combinations for your password.

Encrypt input pages

SSL encryption means that you securely enter and store your important and sensitive information, such as bank card numbers and essential login information. All entered information is on a page that no third party can find. As a result, this method helps you against hackers.

Use secure hosting

If you want to use a hosting company, you need to ensure it is secure and reputable. Hosting companies must have excellent and up-to-date equipment to maintain the security of your site. Your site may be hacked or damaged by hackers, so the host you choose should have good support to retrieve site information in the event of a problem.

Remove extra plugins

Your site may have any additional plugins that you need to remove. It is better to arrange the structure and composition of your site files so that you can identify any changes and problems in the shortest time and delete old files quickly.

Information support

The host or host you choose for your site should have a backup of your server information. But the best way is to have a backup of your files and information because if you do not have access to the site or the data is deleted, you can quickly restore your site. There is also software that helps you intelligently back up your site information and files.

Scan the site

To prevent server and site vulnerabilities, it is necessary to perform regular security scans. A security scan is done after any changes in the site. There are many free software tools that you can use to scan your site for security. But these free tools can only be helpful and valuable for a short period because they do not show all the flaws and security problems. We recommend that you use a professional scanner to accurately and clearly examine the site’s problems and identify possible vulnerabilities in your site.

Hire a security expert

A company that provides security services can be beneficial for the site’s security in the event of a threat or problem. You can increase the security of your site by following a series of small and simple tips, but it is better to get help from professionals and professionals. Companies that provide security services can regularly scan your website to prevent damage, control malicious activity, and execute protocols.

Update plugins

You can create a calendar-like list to remind you to update your WordPress and plugins every week. In such cases, even if you miss the alert message, you can still check your website. If your web host is equipped with automatic WordPress updates, your work is straightforward, and you no longer need to design a weekly calendar. You just need to make sure the auto-refresh button is enabled.

Solve possible website problems

It is very natural that after launching a website, one of the challenges and concerns of the webmaster is to solve its unusual problems. Many webmasters spend a lot of time-solving these challenges, but some have the necessary experience and knowledge and can solve this problem concisely. We will teach you to step by step how to solve possible problems.

Problems with WordPress sites

You’ve definitely heard of 404 and 500 errors! In the following, we want to examine such problems and their solutions. So join us.

A few simple ways to fix site problems

Our purpose in presenting such an article is to provide a general solution so that you can resolve any issues that may arise. It is essential to make a backup of your site before doing anything so that if you encounter a problem, you can quickly restore your site to its original form.

Disable plugins

Most of the time, some plugins cause problems for your website. So you will find the problem by deleting these plugins one by one or disabling them, and then refresh your site when done. This is where you find out what plugin your site has a problem with.

Another way to solve this problem is to go through your hosting panel and disable plugins. You can then click on the Plugin folder and rename it. Going to the site’s main page and refreshing it will probably solve your problem.

Change the WordPress template.

If the first way is not responsive, we go to the second way related to changing the format. Naturally, each template is designed depending on personal taste and opinion, and it can not be said that the code structure is 100% compatible with WordPress. So these problems are typical, and there is no need to worry. All you have to do is change your site template by default. You can change your template by going to the view and layout section.

Change the unique link address.

More than 90% of the problems are solved with the aforementioned methods, but we suggest you change the unique link method if you still have problems. Go to the WordPress settings section, and in the Unique Links section, click on the post name and change it. Then your problem will be solved by saving the changes.

Delete the .htaccess file

 In fact, the last way to solve these problems is to delete the .htaccess file. So if you could not solve the problem with the above three methods, you can solve your problem by deleting this file inside the host. You do not usually have access to this section, but you can easily access it by logging in to the host and going to the public_html folder. Then, after deleting the folder, enter the site administration panel and, by going to the settings and special link section, click on the posts, and by saving it, you can generate this file again on the host.

Email Marketing (Email Marketing)

One of the primary and most widely used advertising and marketing methods is email marketing. In fact, the principles and foundations of this marketing style are fixed, but many large companies try to change the way it is implemented and performed to attract more audiences. So we decided to explain email marketing or email marketing in general to you so that you can use it to promote your business.

Define Email Marketing

Email marketing involves various methods and techniques that use email sending to attract more audience and traffic. This type of marketing is also called direct marketing, in which we directly ask the audience and visitors to visit our site and business and buy our products. One of the features of email marketing is the absence of any intermediaries in this method. This makes us need strategic plans to do so.

How to do email marketing

First, you need to know how to send emails through different panels. One of the most famous and well-known email panels is Yahoo and Gmail, which are similar. To send an email through these panels, you first enter the recipient’s personal address and the text you want. Then send it as a free text message or email to your audience. But you should know that this method is only for sending SMS or email individually, and if you want to send SMS or email in bulk and in large numbers, you should use other methods.

Does everyone have the ability to use email marketing?

Yes, one hundred percent can use this tool to introduce and attract the audience. In email marketing, mastering and mastering this tool is very important. People who specialize in email marketing know how to use emails and, at the same time, how to implement their marketing method among competitors.

Send emaemailsdividually

 In this method, we select a certain number of email addresses that belong to a specific business and send it to the audience individually or personally. In this method, the possibility of opening the email and viewing it by the audience is very high.

Send bulk emails

In this method, the issue of selectivity does not matter, and your promotional emails may be sent to any person in any field of work. The so-called sending of emails this method is random, and we should not expect high visibility of emails.

Types of emails

Several websites introduce different types of email marketing in different ways. It is interesting to note that some provide a list of twelve and some of sixteen. But many of these titles are repetitive. But in this article, we will tell you about six groups of these topics.

News emails

Such emaemailse, also called newsletters, are short messages or promotional messages usually sent to companies by companies operating in various fields to keep in touch with customers.

Promotional emails

These types of emails, also called sponsorship emails, are used for companies that have not yet found their target community and customers, and their goal is to attract more visitors. The content sent in these emails includes information about the company’s products, its service provider and company characteristics, etc. By doing this, they will attract more audiences to their site.

Dedicated emails

They can also be called special emails cause they are sent to the audience about a specific topic or purpose. For example, a company can inform its audience about monthly and annual discounts through this type of email.

Newsletter emails

These emails, like news emails, provide information about the company’s services and activities to customers.

Exchange emails

These emails are exchanged between users and the audience, and they exchange information. For example, you fill out a website registration form, and then an exchange email will be sent to let you know how to proceed and enter the site. You need to know that welcome emails are no different from reciprocal emails, so you do not need to separate the two.

Turn your users into regular customers.

In the promotional or sponsorship emails, you have attracted the necessary traffic to your site, and your users have been registered and recognized as website subscribers. Now is the time to create the conditions to turn site users into your regular customers.

What are the benefits of email marketing?

After the advent of social media, this marketing method is still used, which means that users and site visitors know how vital this tool is and how effective it will be. We will mention some of its advantages below.

  • High return on investment
  • Impact and instant fast
  • Presence of a high percentage of global audiences
  • Publish and send it
  • Easy measurement capability
  • Increasing sales and revenue
  • Ability to target sent messages
  • Create a new audience
  • Low cost

Disadvantages of Email Marketing

  • If you do not use the correct format, emails definitely not be read by subscribers.
  • Reduce engagement rates
  • emails were not read due to a lack of proper communication with contacts
  • Loss of target customers
  • Delete emails that are not read by customers
  • If you do not act prudently, email marketing will cost you dearly.

Digital marketing and visitor to customer conversion rates

In fact, the conversion rate of visitors to customers indicates how successful your site or store has been in selling its products. In the following, we will discuss the appropriate and practical methods to increase the conversion rate of visitors to customers.

Define conversion rates

In short, the conversion rate is the conversion rate of the home page visitor to the regular customer of the site, which is determined according to the goals of the site administrator.

The most common goals of selling products

If you want to have more accurate statistics of your success, you need to define your conversion rate according to your business goal. For example, specify the following to measure your conversion rate.

  • Registration and login to the site
  • Questions and answers online
  • Selling products
  • Complete the submission of forms on the site
  • The amount of interaction and communication on the site
  • Update and update all programs and applications related to users

Also, paying attention to the following points will definitely increase the conversion rate of your customers.


It is natural for your users to need the goods and services you provide from time to time. So you need to give them those products again.


The important thing is that site visitors should know and trust the products, goods, and services you offer.

Product cost

Certainly lower, priced goods have higher conversion rates than more expensive products.

Content of the site

Content production on your site should be attractive and valuable enough to easily encourage your audience to read it. This will definitely increase your sales in the long run.

Product value

The price of your products must be equal to the value of that product. Otherwise, the customer will not buy from you after a while.

to be related to

You need to know the audience and visitors of your site so that the content you produce is relevant to the people who enter the site.

The impact of content marketing on the conversion rate increase

To the extent that the content on the site affects the audience and convinces them to stay on the site and the need for your products, it naturally increases the CRO.

How to increase the conversion rate?

There are ways to help you increase your conversion rate and make your business a success. Our suggestion is to be sure to observe and practice the following in your business to see the result you want.


The site should be user-friendly and provide good speed and capabilities to customers to meet users’ needs.

Access to

The critical thing to note is that users should be able to log in to your site using any browser. In addition, people with different skill levels should be able to easily buy products within site.

Site performance

Your website should work so that it does not have any errors and defects, and in addition, it has a very high speed.

Being convincing

Your site needs to gain users’ trust through solid arguments and content marketing. Doing so will eliminate the audience’s skepticism over time.

Communication with users

The content provided on the site should be able to meet over eighty percent of users’ needs and answer their questions. That’s why these tips will improve your relationship with your users.

Increase the conversion rate of visitors to customers

In the following, we will mention the best methods used to increase the conversion rate of visitors to customers.

Stimulate emotions

If you can prove to your customers that you value them and convince them that your products meet their needs, you are ahead of none of your competitors. To be honest, the value you create for your customers and your audience will increase the sales of your products. Users decide what products to buy through their emotions, so you should try to increase your relationship with customers and gain their trust. After a while, you will definitely find that your users will choose you over your competitors.

Strategy to reach the top rank.

Nowadays, people make online purchases through smartphones, and this issue has caused the people who design the site to pay much attention to this issue. That is, the design and format of the site should be such that seeing it on a mobile phone attracts the customer. As a result, your customers will buy more from you, and your site will rank higher in Google results.

Improvements in site speed and performance

One of the reasons for the increase in conversion rates is the speed and access of users to your site. Our advice to you is to remove unnecessary templates on your site. Try to use small images for your site and choose the correct page size. This allows customers to access your site and product better and faster.

Search engines also prioritize sites that have the most visitors. So high speed can be an influential factor in achieving Google’s top rankings among competitors. You can turn your site visitors into regular customers with these methods. But as mentioned above, you need to pay attention to all the above points to be more successful for your site.

Provide free versions

You can allow your customers to try out your products before they trust you by offering long-term prescriptions.

What is the advantage of long-term versions?

  • Demonstrates the desired business and product trust to customers.
  • Audiences do not feel anxious or afraid about the commitment and trust they have placed in you.
  • People can find out which one is better by testing their competitors and meeting their needs well.
  • Customers know that if they do not like the product and do not like it, they can not buy it.

Statistics and analysis of user behavior with Google Analytics

One of the most popular tools for website analytics is Google Analytics. This tool examines and analyzes user behavior, increases product sales, and improves SEO.

 Or what is Google Analytics?

This is a free website traffic control tool.

Questions about the features and applications of Google Analytics

Which part of the site is attractive to users?

What is the downtime of users in different sections of the site?

Did you achieve the desired result when presenting and holding campaigns selling products or not?

What method and path do users use to visit the website?

The most important reports of Google Analytics

In the following, we will review the most important Google Analytics reports. So join us.

Audience report

A report on the status of site visitors is said to show what place visitors have visited the site and what age and gender range of users. This report can show users what tools such as laptops, tablets, mobiles, and… enter the site.

Real-Time Report

This report includes the status that the site shows at the moment. For example, how many users are currently online and which page of the site they are viewing.

Acquisition report

This report is about checking the parts of the valuable ads that have attracted users.

Behavior report

This report, as its name implies, is a behavioral report. Examines and analyzes user behavior in different sections of the site. This report lets you know how many times a user has stopped clicking and what content, images, and videos they have viewed.

Conversion report

This report shows the goals or goals that exist in Google Analytics. Do you think it is right to continue advertising on these channels?

Essential parameters in Google Analytics

There are parameters in Google Analytics that you need to analyze and review the site and are used to measure the critical indicators of the site and easily output the site reports.

Time elapsed

How much time have users spent on the site individually? As a result of this parameter, the features and attractiveness of the website content can be achieved to increase visitors.


One of the most critical data collection parameters is knowing the customers and achieving their interests. You need to find out what content your site users enjoy, what they are interested in, and which products are most appealing. This parameter is handy for continuing the marketing and advertising process and can be used to produce products or services.

Important content related to the Google Analytics tool

In addition to using this tool, you need to know the concepts of its analysis tools and know what they are used for.


One of the essential options of this tool is Dimensions, which shows you the non-numerical features of reporting and reviewing reports. For example, cities, mobile model, browser type, and…


This tool displays numeric values, unlike the previous tool described. This tool can show records such as the number of users, the number of jumps and exits from the site, and the amount of presence on each site page and payment. These records in Google Analytics reports are numerical and accurately show each part’s output.

A few important points about Google Analytics

You need English translation to use Google Analytics. Almost all sections of Google Analytics are in English, and you must be fluent in English.

One of the most essential tools in Google Analytics is to track the behavior of site visitors: So, if you want to be successful in your business and compete with other businesses, we suggest that you focus more on your behavior and goals. Put visitors and audiences and how they react to the content presented on your website.

Programming knowledge

In general, a webmaster does not need programming knowledge. But to complete your information, in the last step, it is not harmful to know about the program. Usually, when your site is earning money, you can have a strong programming team, and you will not need any programming at all. But if you are planning to become a web designer, it is better to learn to program.

Due to the development of science and technology today, there is an excellent need for site design. As a result, programming knowledge as the basis of site design is highly regarded by designers. The purpose of designing the site is specifically to provide content, and it is used in various fields.

Most people who use site design mainly include Business owners who can use sites to introduce their product or their scientific and technical skills. Also, programming and site design for other people can be used as a business. For this purpose, having a high knowledge of programming in different languages ​​is required, including the following; we will explain some of the different types of programming methods.

Some of the languages ​​used in programming

  • PHP language
  • Html language
  • CSS language

PHP language is commonly used to design large sites such as Digikala. In HTML programming, different sections of the site are done. In general, it can be said that this loss constitutes the main body of the site. Usually, after creating the main body of the site by HTML, the site’s appearance is designed using the CSS language. It is also necessary to learn other programming languages ​​such as JavaScript, Flash, and jQuery to design the site. A web designer must have sufficient skills in the first two (HTML and CSS). But it is recommended that you familiarize yourself with the rest.

When it comes to website design training, one must first know where to start. In this article, the knowledge required for site design is briefly reviewed. It should be noted that a person who works in the field of site design is called a web designer or (Web Developer).

A web designer designs the appearance of a site. These elements include colors, layouts, formatting, and anything related to a site’s appearance. He must have a good understanding of design principles and learn how to use essential design software. Some of the major design software includes Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. In addition, it is recommended that a professional designer learn programs such as Adobe Fireworks and Adobe Dreamweaver. A designer must have exceptional skills in site design. In fact, he is much more than a graphic designer.

The purpose of site design

One of the main goals in designing a site is to earn money. Considering that one of the most significant changes in recent years is the internalization of businesses, designing a suitable site with unique visual features can have a good ground for attracting customers in the field of advertising and introducing different products and skills. So now you can order more products and services on-site, which may have seemed entirely unattainable until a few years ago.

The rapid pace of business change and online services has increased the need for people to have a comprehensive and helpful site. This has created a market need for people to make money in the new age of technology. With the new global changes and the move towards technology and the modernization of businesses, people can gain money-making skills by learning site design. With the proper use of this skill, people can easily earn a million.

The first step to becoming a web designer

If one wants to become an expert, one needs experience. The best way to gain the right experience to enter the professional job market is to gain experience by designing a site for yourself, not accepting an order from a customer. By designing the site for yourself, you will gain enough experience to test the software skills, and a suitable space will be provided to introduce your site design skills as a business.

Next, the designer must have a work sample; it is better to run a sample of his activities and work with different design software and different programming languages ​​on his site. Also, to avoid confusion in the web world and improve your skills, it is better to design an online calendar that provides the time of your presence on the site and the time of submission of tasks in this calendar. One of the advantages of having an online calendar is organizing the site and attracting customers by showing work discipline.

Designing a site is to create a portfolio for the designer. Website designers should always be organized and have their to-do lists in a spreadsheet. Before launching a project, it is always necessary to test it and then place it on the site. Of course, professional designers will always be prepared for any problems along the way.

Professional entry into the labor market

Once the designer has worked with his site design tools and gained enough experience in his field, it is time for a professional to enter the job market and accept orders for other people’s projects. The first step in accepting an order is to choose the right field of work; for example, a designer must know that he will work as a researcher or a freelance web designer. Either he will accept the project as an employer, or he will work in an organization as an employee.

For example, if a person wants to work as an employer and freely, after designing his site with appropriate graphics, he should place his portfolio on the site to visit so that the project client can visit and review the type of design, time Recognize the portfolio spent on each project and the visual appeal and register your order accordingly.

To create a professional image of yourself in the minds of others, he must put his latest portfolio on the site completely updated. Reading site design training articles from reputable sources can always help achieve this goal. Website design is also a very subjective issue, and the designer must be creative in his work and provide unique portfolios.

What is PHP?

PHP stands for Hypertext Preprocessor, which means hypertext preprocessor. Is an open-source programming language used for web-based applications? PHP is open-source or open-source, which means that the program’s source code is available to everyone, and there is no need to obtain a license or charge to use the program code and change it. PHP will first be processed by the server, and then its output will be sent to the user’s browser by code such as HTML and JavaScript and will be executed by web servers.

Every programming language needs its own symbols and separators, and PHP is no exception. The most popular PHP language separator is the <? And? PHP>. Variable names in PHP must start with a $ symbol, and unlike many other programming languages, you do not need to specify the type of these characters. All commands must end with a semicolon (;). The names of the variables used in this programming language are case-sensitive. In PHP, on the other hand, new lines and spaces are ignored except for spaces within strings.

History of PHP programming language

The program was first used in 1994 by the Danish Rasmus Lerdorf to manage a series of tasks on his personal site. Lord of was using scripts based on the Common Gateway Interface standard, which found that the number of people reading his resume was calculated and stored. By doing so, he managed to attract many people to his code.

As a result, they asked him to send the scripts to them. So Lordolf decided to name his scripts PHP, which stands for Personal Home Page. This was the first public version of the language in 1995.

Why use PHP?

  •  PHP is a free tool, so it is cheaper than other programming languages.
  • This tool can be used on all popular operating systems such as Windows, Macintosh, and Linux.
  • Although this programming language has been criticized by critics, most of these issues have been fixed in the update of versions higher than 7.
  • Currently, a high percentage (more than 80%) of dynamic websites are designed under the PHP language, and this widespread use indicates the high power and the relative convenience of this program compared to other existing programs.
  • PHP scripts run at high speed. It can be said that each script runs almost three times faster than other programs.

 How PHP works

You need three general things to run this programming language.

  • Coding tools
  • Web browser
  • Executor server

You need special programming programs, the most important of which is Notepad, Notepad +. But more comprehensive applications such as Dreamweaver, NetBeans, and PHP ED are also widely used for coding. The most popular web browsers used by default are Firefox and Chrome. There are generally two programs that can be used as executable servers. Wampserver and Xamppserver applications.

How a site works based on PHP

First, the requested browser is sent to the webserver, and then the webserver is sent to the PHP engine, then the PHP engine processes the relevant script code, and finally, the webserver sends the desired page to the browser.

PHP security

Like any other method, coding and using PHP scripts can be very secure if used properly. To maintain the security of web servers under PHP, it is necessary to always check the user’s inputs before any processing. To write secure code, we need to know the right tool for coding.

PHP code is pure text, so it can be written with any tool, even Notepad. As a result, no special tools are needed to code this language. But if the designer wants to write code a little faster, he can use general editors such as IDEs. Some of the most popular IDEs include VS Code, PHP ED, and PHP Storm.

The benefits of IDE‌ in PHP coding

The PHP programming language has many advantages over other web-based programming languages ​​such as Python and Asp. Among the advantages of this language:

  • The color display of different parts of the code makes it easy to separate the codes from each other.
  • Syntactically and spell-checked for misspelled code and identified errors for the designer.
  • This programming language generally has a corrective style that recalls the parameters and arguments inside the function and suggests the functions based on the letters typed by the designer.
  • Due to the corrective style of this program, one can easily find the beginning and end of a loop or condition. Because it highlights the parentheses and brackets associated with each other.
  • In this language, lines are numbered continuously.
  • There are many documents and resources for this programming language.
  • It has more job opportunities than other programming languages.
  • This program is more accessible and less expensive to maintain than other programs.

General summary

To become an expert and experienced manager, who manages a high-traffic and well-paid site, you need to be trained in the items listed above. Of course, learning programming is not really necessary for a webmaster.

You can find and learn all of the above on the Internet. But suppose you want to hear all this knowledge and experience in a hierarchical language from a person who has more than 13 years of experience making money online. In that case, you can participate in the comprehensive course of the top site.

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