LSI keywords and use them to find keywords

In the past, we could SEO a website by finding the keywords and replicating them in the article. However, today we all know that this method is obsolete. Now, Google bots, based on the number of repetitions of keywords in the text, determine whether your content is helpful or not. Google Analytics system is much more advanced than before and can even evaluate the content of your website without repeating keywords. Using LSI keywords has a high impact on improving the evaluation and ranking of your website on Google.

We have to say that one way to SEO your text is to use LSI keywords. In the following, we will explain what LSI keywords are and how they will affect your website and SEO.

What are LSI keywords

LSI stands for Latent Semantic Indexing. It means using a group of words relevant to the text. It means that you should use words related to the topic instead of repeating a specific phrase. Because a helpful way to SEO the text is the use of LSI words. LSI keywords are different from synonyms. What we are talking about is more than synonyms or meanings. Suppose that you are writing an article about Bitcoin some terms such as digital currency, global currency market, and virtual transactions include LSI keywords. In other words, all the words are related to each other as well as to the subject.

The main reasons for using LSI words

There are four main reasons why every website should use LSI keywords.

  1. Your content will be of better quality. Because you can use a large number of keywords in your text without repeating a single word. It will also reduce the bounce rate of the website and make Google SEO your text.
  2. Recently, Google bots detect text with too many repetitious keywords. You can use LSI words to avoid this.
  3. Using LSI keywords will give you better ideas for titles.
  4. According to Google’s new algorithm for bots, a website with more helpful content is showed on the first page of search results. The use of LSI words in this process will be very effective.

Long-Tail Keywords

 Long Tail means long phrases. They are different from LSI words and usually consist of several words that make up a phrase. In other words, the sentences that help SEO your text are called LT. We suggest you read the short article “ Types of keywords for SEOing a website. 

How do LSI words affect website SEO?

In the past, when you did a Google search for a phrase, bots showed the websites with repeated keywords. However, changing of Google’s algorithm has changed the method of identifying and SEOing websites. Google now evaluates your text for related words and phrases. So, using LSI words and phrases can have a high impact on your website ranking.

How to find the LSI words?

Using several ways, you can find the right words for your topic. We’ll mention some of them below.

Use of Google

The first and easiest way is to find Google’s LSI words. You must write the phrase in the Google search box. Then you see its suggestions. You can also find several related phrases at the bottom of your search page.

Use of online tools

Using web tools, such as LSIgraph, Google Keyword Planner, and Ubersuggest, you can search for the phrase to suggest keywords and phrases related to your topic.


So, you realized how effective the use of LSI words is in SEO. We also explained how to search for and find these words and phrases. Finally, we must say that the SEO and development of a site depend on various factors. To develop your online business, you should start with the basics.

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