Introducing 7 Internet Marketing Methods in 2021

Introducing 7 Internet Marketing Methods in 2021

Do you think starting an online business is just designing a WordPress website? If you think so, unfortunately, we must say that you are entirely wrong! The most important step after creating a digital business is marketing and advertising for it. To this end, many internet marketing methods have been provided by marketing experts.

The undisputed point is that internet marketing is the most popular and cost-effective advertising method for the growth and development of internet businesses. In this article, we will outline seven internet marketing methods needed to promote any business model. So join us.

SEO or Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization, also known as SEO, uses specific tasks to help web admins display websites in Google results. In other words, as the translation of this phrase shows, SEO means doing some actions that make any website (store, news, and magazine, corporate, personal, etc.) for all search engines (including Google, Yahoo, Bing, and …) optimized.

One of the essential SEO categories that most SEO-dominated web admins should have complete control over is internal and external SEO. As the name implies, internal SEO means all the work web admins have to do inside the website. Content writing, structuring, and making articles attractive, internal links are examples of SEO practices in internal SEO; External SEO also means performing all the actions that must be done outside the website. Some of these external SEO factors are:

  • Get backlinks
  • Reportage writing
  • Creating social accounts

Content Marketing

Another method of internet marketing that many marketing experts have welcomed all over the web is content marketing or so-called content marketing. There are many definitions for this type of marketing. Still, the most explicit purpose of content marketing is to distribute valuable and specific content to connect more with customers and thus achieve marketing goals.

In other words, content marketing means publishing content that can meet the needs of your target audience (educate, entertain, or get the audience what they want after reading that content).

Today, content experts use “producing valuable content” instead of content marketing; Of course, this is somewhat true. There are many types of content production. Some of how valuable content can be published online on the Internet are:

  • Videos
  • Podcasts (audio files)
  • Infographics
  • Texts and Articles (Blogs (
  • Social media posts

Email Marketing

Untranslated email marketing is “Email Marketing.” It is one of the oldest and most cost-effective online marketing methods. Marketing professionals constantly send clever messages to their target customers and audiences, encouraging them to do what they want them to do. For example, marketing experts can use the ability to subscribe to newsletters, send their ads and sales campaigns in less than a few minutes to a wide range of customers and interested users who have already provided their email.

Despite the proliferation of other digital marketing methods, web admins and Internet business owners continue to use this old method to inform and increase their sales. There are many Iranian and foreign systems to send advertising messages to users. Mailerlite and SEND IN BLUE are two examples of these email systems.

Influencer Marketing

Influencer marketing is one of the most modern and up-to-date digital marketing methods that many businesses have introduced and marketed their products and services in the past few years. However, experts in this field still believe that this type of marketing is not used as it should be, and indeed more people will become familiar with this marketing model in the next few years.

In this type of marketing, people with very high power and social relationships are documented in exchange for paying for the products and services of individuals and companies; If you have just started your own internet business and many people still do not know you, you can use this marketing model to increase your customers and sales.

Of course, you should know that this digital marketing method is not very practical for some specific businesses (such as hydraulic accessories and parts); So before you start marketing and spending a lot of money, we suggest you pay a little attention to your product and business area.

Affiliate Marketing

If you are a person who does not have a product or commodity to sell or even do not specialize in a particular field and cannot earn money by providing services, the best option for you is affiliate marketing or affiliate marketing; Many marketing and sales professionals use the term sales collaboration instead of affiliate marketing.

In this method of digital marketing, by advertising the products or introducing the services of other companies and individuals on any platform (from websites to social networks such as Instagram), you can receive money as a commission from that company or seller.

The affiliate marketing method is straightforward; select a product, service, or product and start producing text, video, or even video content. In this marketing model, you will be given a unique link, and you must make that link available to everyone; after each person buys, you will receive a certain percentage of commission from that amount. As a result, using this digital marketing method, you can easily make money on the Internet without spending a lot of money (even for free) and without having the expertise or product to sell yourself. There are many plugins for launching a sales collaboration system for WordPress.

Social media marketing

Another digital marketing method that has gained popularity among people in the last few years is marketing through social networks such as Instagram.

The critical point that most novice marketing experts ignore is that social media, while capturing a large share of the audience, can in no way lead to the sale of a product or the order of service; rather, it can only be a platform for recognizing and gaining users’ trust in the product or service of Internet businesses. So if you are planning to use this type of online marketing in your fledgling internet business, look at social media as just a marketing platform and do not base your business on it.

Pay Per Click

As the name implies, you can use “pay per click marketing,” also known as PPC for short, to place your ads across the web or on certain websites. And for every click you make on your ad, a certain amount of the budget you spend on it will be reduced. Many internal and external systems have been developed to simplify the PPC marketing process.

Google AdWords is the most popular and famous paid search that can display your ads in text, image, and video on Google search engine. The currency used in Google AdWords is usually the dollar; of course, as you can guess, Google AdWords can only help web admins optimize their ads and display them in the right place and to interested and relevant people.

This tool can in no way guarantee the sale of your website products and services but can only get people to your website. (Of course, marketing is exactly what it means to increase website traffic by targeted users.

We hope you enjoy reading this article. In this article from the Mihan WordPress website, we have described 7 of the most important digital marketing methods currently used by reputable brands or even start-up internet businesses.

Be victorious.

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