Avoid Collecting Emails On Your Website

Avoid Collecting Emails On Your Website

One of the problems we all face for once is the promotional emails that are sent to us. Not pleasant. On the other hand, the volume of our emails can be confusing and we can lose many important emails related to our site. Just install a simple plugin to prevent your site from collecting emails.

And that you definitely do not like to be faced with a huge flood of promotional emails every day! On the other hand, you must have your support email and sales section displayed on your site so that users can communicate with you via email.

So today we decided in this article to teach you a very convenient and practical solution to eliminate this problem, with the help of this solution you can get rid of promotional emails in the shortest possible time.

Avoid collecting emails

Well, as we said, you may be received dozens of promotional emails during the day, which raises the question of where these emails are sent to us at all; We all know that sending these emails is automatic!

Spammers are one of the main reasons for sending these emails, these bots are always looking to create a list of emails of webmasters and businesses and send ads to these people. In fact, the basis of the design of these bots is to survey different sites and collect emails on each website to identify people who deal with Internet businesses, and as a result, for this group of people, promotional emails related to online marketing and … Send.

In some cases, they not only use this list to send emails but also sell the list to some people and make money through it; However, selling this list means sending us more promotional emails!

So what is the solution and what should be done? In the following, we will teach you a very simple way to solve this problem.

Use the Email Address Encoder plugin

You can use a plugin to solve this problem, several plugins have been designed in this area that you can use as you wish; But we suggest you use the Email Address Encoder plugin, which has more than 100,000 active installations so far and can solve your problem in the shortest possible time.

Email Address Encoder plugin
Email Address Encoder plugin

This plugin is completely free and you can use its features at no cost, you can download it through the WordPress repository and activate it on your site, to activate the plugin you can get help from the plugin installation tutorial.

How does this plugin work

Well, if we want to explain how this plugin works, we must say that this plugin actually converts emails into Decimal and Hexadecimal characters.

This will display the email to the user as plain text (as before), but if you look at the coding of the page by View Page Source, you will see that the email text is displayed encrypted and spambots can not see these emails. So you and your visitors will be safe from spam emails forever.

The Email Address Encoder plugin does not have any special settings and you do not need to configure its settings and all you have to do is enable this plugin on your site to save you from promotional emails. You can easily stop sending spam emails to your email.

We hope this article has helped you to avoid collecting emails from your site. be successful and victorious. 🙂

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